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Why DIY Travel Can Cost You Thousands

Did you know that by NOT booking with a travel agent, you’re ultimately paying for a service you never received? Keep reading to find out why!

Why DIY Travel Can Cost You Thousands

Booking Online = More Money

You might think hours of research will help you find the best deals, but ultimately, you’ll pay more by booking online. This is because online booking engines don’t have access to special pricing that a travel specialist does. In fact, agents receive exclusive offers and pricing that booking engines aren’t sharing online.

Too Many Options

Your research only goes so far. A travel specialist has years of combined experience in the travel industry and can match you with the perfect vacation in your budget by just asking you a few questions! And oftentimes, travel consultants visit resorts throughout the year so they can share their experiences with you –way better than trying to sift through the best deals on your own!

No Personal Connections

When you book a vacation on your own, you’ll miss out on valuable insight a travel pro would offer. They’ve spent years building a strong rapport with resort staff, touring companies, transportation companies, etc. so that everything is tried and true before you travel AND so that you’re getting the best deals possible. It’s never a good thing to book something blindly, so trust the pros who eat, sleep, and breathe travel!

The “Forgotten” Costs

A travel agent will work every little detail of your trip around a budget so there are no surprises along the way. Most DIY travelers forget to factor in things like gratuities, transfers, service fees, etc. These things add up and can send you WAY over your budget –so let the pros work it all out FOR you.

Of course, there’s NO SERVICE FEES to work with us, so be sure to consider using a travel specialist the next time you want to book a vacation! Questions? Message us here to get started.

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