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Moira Carapico

Travel Consultant

As the previous owner of Journeys Inc, Moira has always strived to keep the client contact high touch and low tech. ​Despite many changes in the industry over the decades since Journeys Inc opened, she feels that maintaining that balance, even if the contact is email and text, is still critical to our success.


Moira approaches her role as an agent in the same manner. Clients are valued and their desires and interests are important when planning their travel, whether it is a quick getaway or a grand once in a lifetime adventure.


Moira’s own travel extends to all corners of the world. She has visited nearly 50 countries now, several of them multiple times, and is always keeping an eye on travel trends that would be of interest to her clients. Her most recent trip was on a river boat cruise between Cambodia and Vietnam.

When asked what her favorite place is, she says “the next place that I go”.


Luxury Travel
Adventure Travel
Multi-generational Travel
Best Travel Tip:

Don't sweat the small stuff and never pass up the opportunity to use a bathroom.

Favorite Vacation:

Costa Rica

Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

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