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The Top 5 Exotic Honeymoons of 2019

If you’re looking for an exotic honeymoon, then look no further than these fabulous destinations!

The Top 5 Exotic Honeymoons of 2019


Croatia's sparkling water and white-pebbled beaches make it a huge draw for couples looking for an exotic and beachy European getaway. The Mediterranean destination is famous for its fresh cuisine, locally-sourced seafood, and snorkeling –so be sure to “dive” right in!


From the vibrant non-stop city of Bangkok, to the stunning beaches of Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Pattaya –Thailand is full of little places exploring! We recommend this destination for couples looking to kick married life off with a little adventure!


If you’re looking for an exotic archipelago that’s far from the modern world, then you’ll love Seychelles! The natural beauty of Seychelles is a breathtaking spot just east from Africa’s mainland, offering honeymooners tropical scenery and an abundance of marine life.


Not only does Bali offer great beaches, surf spots, and dozens of natural sites to visit and explore, but its "high-value-for-the-money" ratio is one of the many reasons honeymooners come back year after year! Better add this one to your list!


Did you know that Greece is incredibly popular among honeymooners for its beautiful beaches, ancient cities, incredible cuisine, and active volcano? Be sure to explore the area’s quaint villages and delectable fresh cuisine for an authentic and exotic adventure!

Any of these peak your interest? Then, message us today for some itinerary options and a quote!

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