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Our Favorite Things About Alaska

Did you know that Alaska is known as the “Last Frontier”? This is because there are many areas of land that haven’t been discovered or explored yet! Listed below are the five reasons why Alaska should be your next destination to explore:

The wildlifeIt would not be an unusual site to see a moose cross your path while you were out for your mid-morning walk. Alaska is wildlife central for grizzly bears, polar bears, Dall’s sheep and mountain goats. While whale watching, you will see the most beautiful creatures of the sea flip their expansive tails in the crisp Alaskan air! From the seals and sea otters, to the majestic bald eagles, you will experience these beautiful animals in their most spectacular glory!

The Northern LightsAlthough not visible during the months of June and July and infrequent in August due to continuous sunshine, these lights and streams of vibrant colors are a site to behold. The color bursts move about the dark night sky and you may even hear a crackling in the atmosphere while watching this incredible phenomenon!

GlaciersA glacier is a slow-moving river of ice that makes them one of Alaska’s most beautiful natural attractions. Alaska has over 100,000 glaciers, so be prepared for a site like no other you have ever seen in any of the other 49 states!

CultureWhether you are visiting Alaska from a big city or a small town, the experience will be nothing like what you have been accustomed to before. The Alaskan culture still has their clans and their tribes. There are 11 distinct cultures, speaking 11 different languages, with 22 different dialects.

Tax Free Shopping.Get ready, get set –shop! Alaska has one of the lowest tax burdens in the U.S. and has no sales tax! The perfect excuse to the buy that second pair of shoes!

Whatever your reason is for visiting, you will be amazed by Alaska’s natural beauty and wonder! Be sure to contact us for a complimentary quote, here!

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