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5 Beachy Wedding Locations to Consider

Where you’ll have your wedding is probably one of the first questions people will ask when they find out you’re having a destination wedding. Still stumped? Well, say no more –these 5 locations will surely inspire you!


Mexico is our #1 destination for weddings because of the excellent value, incredible service, and memorable experiences. Because of the abundant flights available to Mexico, and the hundreds of resorts that scatter the shoreline –this is by far the best spot for a variety of options! In fact, we have a number of resorts in Mexico that we frequent every year!


Jamaica has been a long-time favorite for eloping and honeymooning because of its stunning scenery, laid-back vibes, and friendly service. They also have a variety of exciting outdoor activities for newly married couples, which are sure to suit any personality in your party! In addition, Jamaica happens to be one of the easiest destinations to get legally married.

Dominican Republic

The island's charming historical quality and friendly locals will lure you in with its inherently romantic atmosphere and stunning beauty. Before holding a Dominican Republic wedding, couples will need to have their legal documents translated into Spanish, making it one of the most difficult destinations to have a legal wedding—but well worth it!

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a gorgeous tropical climate that makes for an awesome location for year-round eloping and destination weddings. Be sure to consider the seasons before booking, as the temperature fluctuates throughout the year. We recommend visiting in in the summer, which falls between June and August. Daily high temperatures in the Bahamas rarely drop below 60°F from December to February, and the sun shines an average of 320 days out of the year!


Dreaming of a destination wedding with the best weather and breathtaking views? Then Aruba is your winner! Aruba's the place for couples who want a Caribbean beach wedding and honeymoon—without stressing over a rain storm ruining the party. Curious why that is? Well, Aruba is so far south and well outside the hurricane belt, which makes it ideal for perfect weather. We really think you’ll love it here!

Do any of these beachy destinations sounds like the perfect place to say, “I do?” Then, visit us at for your free travel consultation today!

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