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3 Hot Islands to Visit this Year

Interested in what islands are trending right now? Check out why these 3 made our list—it will surely inspire you!

1. Aruba

The Weather – Aruba averages 82 degrees, having more sunny days than any other island in the Caribbean. Having consistent temperatures with their refreshing trade winds, Aruba promises a delightfully sunny vacation!

The People – You will instantly feel at home on the Happy Island. Arubians are warm and friendly people hailing from all over the world—with 90 different nationalities, most still do speak English.

The Beaches - Ready to be captivated by the crystal blue waters and white sand beaches that stretch for miles?? Whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing vibe, or on the search for adventure, there is always a spectacular beach waiting for you! From windsurfing and scuba diving, to just sitting back and sipping on your favorite cocktail –you will always enjoy the beautiful moments that await you in Aruba.

The Cuisine - The food is as diverse as our chefs from around the world. Your taste buds will indulge in tastings from America, Brazil, Argentina, Asia and Italy. Experience a different country each night!

The Culture – A can’t-miss adventure awaits you at Arikok National Park. You will experience natural bridges, underground caves, coastal sand dunes and Mt. Jamanota, Aruba’s highest point. Get your walking shoes on and make the climb up to the California Lighthouse to set your eyes on the most spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of the island! Oh, the sunsets you will see... a site not to be missed.

2. Bermuda

The Proximity – Paradise is close by. Just a hop, skip and a jump off the east coast into the Atlantic!

The Beaches – Visit one of the many beaches on this island. One of our favorites is the Pink Sand Beach surrounded by its tranquil sky-blue waters. Crushed shells and coral give these beaches their unusual pink hue!

The 5-Star Hotels – Stay right on the beach for stunning views that only Bermuda can bring you! You will enjoy service that is out of this world! Treat yourself to luxury.

The Historic Railway Trail – There is 18 miles to explore Bermuda’s stunning coastal views. Pedal your way or grab your best walking shoes to follow the trails that wind through the stunning, serene beauty like no other.

The Scuba Diving & Snorkeling – Did you know that Bermuda has over 300 mysterious shipwrecks? Bermuda is known as the “shipwreck” capital of the world. Whether snorkeling or scuba diving, you will be amazed by the life under the water. View the most colorful array of sea turtles, angel fish and snappers—just to name a few!

3. Grenada

The Scenery– The terrain features award-winning landscapes of countless flowers and trees, numerous cascading waterfalls and the Rain Forest Preserve are sights not to be forgotten on Spice Island.

Spice Island – The island got its name for being famous for nutmeg, cocoa and cinnamon. Visit in August to celebrate the Spicemas Festival. The festival celebrates the African, French, British and Caribbean heritage. It is a pageant like no other! Treat your taste buds to golden apples, sour sop, sea moss and even chocolate tea!

The Underwater Sculpture Park – Experience the most unusual art gallery you’ve ever seen! Over 105 sculptures including the “Circle of Children," with 26 life-sized children holding hands. Amazing!

The Accommodations – So many choices, so many styles! Grenada features 5-Star hotels, private cottages, cozy guest houses and villas. You are sure to find one style that suits your fancy and your budget!

Want to learn more? Visit us today at for more information on these incredible locations! The islands are waiting...

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