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Welcome to Journeys, Inc.

We are thrilled to welcome you to Journeys Inc. We are a close-knit team of detailed-oriented, impeccably thorough and trustworthy travel advisors. While it’s impossible to capture all of the many ways we exceed our clients’ expectations the following is a basic outline of how we do what we do.


Offering personalized service has been our hallmark for over 30 years and it is the reason Journeys Inc., founded in 1987, has succeeded in an industry where many others have failed.


Detailed knowledge of the destinations and resorts we sell and the ability to translate that knowledge into a trip of a lifetime is the reason why our customers come back year after year. If that’s not enough, clients also rely on our:


  • Guaranteed lowest pricing made possible by our relationships with consortiums like Ensemble Travel and reputable tour operators like Travel Impressions and GoGo.

  • Close personal relationships with management of top-rated resorts around the world.

  • Ability to cut through the clutter of alleged ‘cheap’ deals and recommend the absolute best value according to their unique requirements.

  • 24 x 7 supplier/agent availability


As an independent travel professional you have a great deal of freedom. You can work how you want when you want and where you want. You also have choices when selecting an agency partner. We are thrilled that you chose us and are happy to offer you the following benefits.


  • Competitive commission splits

  • Reliable commission payments

  • Opportunities to receive referrals from other team members

  • Access to real-time professional advice and on the job training from peers

  • Many travel opportunities to tour resorts

  • Exclusive agency promos due to our supplier relationships


Again welcome to the team. We’re looking forward to a great future together.


The Journeys Girls


Travel Agency Information

Journeys Inc.

P.O. Box 6288

Glen Allen, VA 23058

804-288-0188 phone (this email goes to all of our agents)



Kim 804-288-0188 or 804-241-9780 (personal cell)


Journeys Inc. is a member of the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN). You are an Independent Contractor.   Journeys Inc.’s IATA is 49580436, which will you will need when placing bookings.

Check the Ensemble web site for thousands of other travel offers from their preferred suppliers.

Training Guidelines:​

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Email Guidelines & directions for setting up email on computer & phone (make sure spell/grammar check is enabled, set up Grammerly)

  • Phone Guidelines (download Vonage app for Reservation Specialists)

  • Commission Schedule & Guidelines

  • Business Cards (for travel consultants only)

  • Create Bio for Website including headshot (for travel consultants only)

  • Email Marketing (for travel consultants only)

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)


Required Training to take prior to quoting/selling:


Logins to create:

  • Create a secure password log & put ALL websites, logins, and passwords in a secure document.  No exceptions.  It is recommended to use Last Pass for security purposes.

  • Email & email signature

  • Vonage Phone for Reservation Specialists & Google Voice for Travel Agents

  • Join agency FB, IG, & Twitter accounts

  • VacationCRM

  • Payroll-Dominion Payroll (see document below) and complete W9 below.

  • Join VacationCRM FB group & turn on notifications



Setting Up Gmail:

1. Log into any Google site with your personal Google email.

2. You should see your picture on the top right-hand corner of the screen

3. Click on that picture

4. Click the “Add account” button

5. Enter your email and the password

6. At that point, you should be logged into your Journeys Google account.


You can easily switch back and forth between accounts just by clicking on the picture and choosing the account you want.  If you are setting up mail in a program like Apple Mail or Outlook, just set-up the email as though it is a standard Gmail address.  It works exactly the same way.

Gmail Login:

Consortia X Training Portal:

Lesson 1:  

Getting Started:


Training Follow Up:  

Lesson 2:

  • Review Travel Impressions and GoGo

    • Ways TOs acquire inventory:  The Link and Allotment​

    • Rooms available on hotel website can generally be added

    • Check air + land if you can't find a resort because it might require an air package

    • Recommend booking air and using bulk air

    • Pricematch

    • Travel Documents

    • Deposit amounts and deadlines

  • Review booking procedures for tour operators & the importance of booking with them

Complete Booking with Journeys

Training Follow Up:  

Preferred Partners:

VCRM 101

Lesson 3:

Sales Process

Request a quote form and the scheduler

Benefits of working with Journeys-our agency travels and establishes many contacts and can assist

No fees

Booking the air, transfers, tours, spa, etc.-don't give away the bank

I've read over the info you sent me, but tell me in your own words

  • Do you want all-inclusive, adults only

  • Are there any destinations that you don't want to go to?  Are there any destinations that you really want to go to?

  • $3000-$4000 is going to be Jamaica and Mexico, I'm not telling you there aren't any resorts in that price point...

  • What's important to you in your resort?  Trying to gauge quiet vs party.  Are you the type that sits on the beach with a book or will you be in the swim-up pool with the DJ?

  • What's important to you in the room?   Do you want oceanview?  Do you want a large suite?

  • If expectations don't match, then ask "Are you flexible on the budget?"

  • Mexico/Jamaica/DR-best value with your dollar

VCRM-Lead Management

Training Follow Up:  

Booking Process:  Review 1st five steps

Lesson 3:

Booking Process:  Steps 1-5

Training Follow Up:  

Booking Process: Insurance-Special Situations

Lesson 4:

Booking Process:  Insurance-Special Situations

  • Send a copy of the agent/invoice prior to cancellation

  • Increase insurance when adding air, updating new policy in VCRM

  • Kids under 18 are free with Classic

  • Pre-existing conditions

  • Booking trip when ill

  • Immediate Family Members

  • Commission Protection (fill out the form to get paid)

  • Send paper docs

  • Agent ID-use initials

  • 2nd Chance-Max Mail

  • Non-Refundable within 10 days

  • Travel Credits must be expired to file claim

  • Can book anyone living in the same state on the same policy

Lesson 5:


Mail Chimp


Overall Training

Lead Management

Creating a trip & importing

Creating & linking profiles

Invoice Approval

Email Groups

Group Management Features

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