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Know Before You Go


Airlines & Passports

  • PASSPORTS: DO NOT forget your passports at home, as you will be unable to board your flight and please make sure that they are not expired, torn or unreadable. Passport booklets are required for all international travel. NO EXCEPTIONS. A passport card is NOT allowed for airline travel, so please make sure you have an actual booklet.

    • Journeys is not responsible for passports. For more information on how to obtain a passport click here

  • AIRLINE INFO: Please take the time to visit your airline’s website and enter your confirmation number to ensure the flights you booked have not had a schedule change, or any other changes.

    • Within 24 hours of travel, please go back and complete your online check-in. This will allow you to reconfirm your seating assignments & reduce any risks on your day of travel.

    • Please check in with your airline TWO HOURS prior to flight departure time; regardless if your flight goes through a US city first.  Journeys is not responsible for airline schedule changes, lost luggage or delays. If your flight number should change, please alert Journeys, so we can make sure your transfer is waiting for you!!

  • Please download the airline's app in order to stay informed of schedule changes.

  • Please refer to the airline's website for checked bag fees. 

    • TSA Regulations - Please remember the 3-1-1 rule for carry-on luggage.  No liquids over 3 ounces and all liquids must be in a 1-quart bag.  For additional information/updates on TSA click here.

  • LUGGAGE TAGS: Make sure to specify your home address on your bags and note the resort you’re staying at while on vacation.  It is recommended to tie a ribbon on your suitcase that makes it easy for you to recognize as it comes off the luggage carousel. Please double check the tags before exiting Baggage Claim.

Customs & Immigrations

  • CUSTOMS & IMMIGRATIONS: Please make sure the flight attendant gives you a Customs and Immigration card to fill out before deplaning, if not they will be available in the airport.  Bring a pen as the flight attendants do not have extra.  

    • After clearing Immigration, follow the signs to Baggage Claim and retrieve your luggage. If you allow the Baggage Claim workers to handle your bags, they will expect a tip, so please be prepared with a few dollars for that.  You do not have to use them unless you choose.

    • Proceed to Customs, hand in Customs form, then exit the doors of the airport.

    • Avoid the timeshare people in the airport & at your resort.  Once you have received your luggage & cleared Customs & Immigration, just walk past them & go directly outside to locate your ground transfers.  

    • How Long Does It Take to Clear Customs and Immigration? Depending on when your flight arrives, be prepared for lines to be long as many planes usually land around the same time. Budget for 45-60 minutes to clear Customs and Immigration, including getting baggage and locating your transfer company.

General Travel Info

  • CHECK IN:  You may arrive prior to check in, so if your room isn’t ready, feel free to use the spa or restrooms to change and start your vacation.  Tip - Pack your beach bag in an easy to access location, so you can pull it out with everything in it including your swimsuit, flip flops, hats and sunscreen.

  • TOURS: If you have excursions booked, please read the instructions on the voucher carefully. It is recommended to check-in with the excursion company 24 hours before your excursion and bring some cash with you for tips and incidentals.  

  • DRESS CODES: The restaurants have dress codes. Please refer to the hotel's website for further info and pack accordingly. Many resort restaurants require men to wear pants and a collared shirt to dinner.  Tip: Pack efficiently so you have all of the necessities.  Here's some tips.

  • CREDIT CARDS: You will need a credit card for incidentals when checking in at the hotel. Most places outside the USA do not accept Discover Card.  The resort will hold your credit card to open up your room to charge things like phone calls, gift shop, excursions, and spa treatments.  It is recommended not to use your debit card, as the hold on your funds can last up to 7 business days.  Make sure to contact your credit card company and let them know that you will be traveling outside the US. 

  • WATER:  The water and the ice in the bars and restaurants at the resort is filtered through a water purification system, but you should use the bottled water in the room to drink and brush your teeth – do not use tap water.  It's is recommended not to drink the water.

  • ELECTRICITY: The resort runs on the same voltage as the US, so no need to bring a converter.  

  • IN-ROOM SAFE: Use your safe for your jewelry, passports, lap tops, cameras, wallet, cash, purses, or any other valuables.


  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS TO THE RESORT: Proceed outside where the ground transfer companies are and look for the transfer company identified in your travel documents or the voucher provided to you. 

  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS BACK TO THE AIRPORT: Your return flight info has already provided to your transfer company, but you will need to confirm your pick up time while on property with the transfer company.

  • HELICOPTER TRANSFERS are available from many parts of the island.  Not only is it a quicker way to arrive/depart, but it's a scenic tour. The rates start around $195 per person per way.  Let your travel consultant know at least a week prior to travel if you want to add this service. The helicopter requires a minimum of four people to fly, so if they don't meet the minimum, it will be canceled.


  • TIPS:  Tipping is INCLUDED in your all-inclusive resort package; however, it is appreciated and at your own discretion. You should plan to tip your transfer driver, as well as staff on property. The primary source of wages for your bartenders, servers & other wait-staff is tips. Typically, it is recommended tipping your house-keeper the first day and the last day, the bell-boy upon delivering your bags to your room, the room service delivery people and your favorite bartender at the end of the week. This is NOT mandatory or expected, but they do work very hard and it is very much appreciated. Take lots of ones and fives, as they are great for tips. Tip:  Prior to departure, get some $1 and $5 bills for tipping.


Tipping is NOT allowed at Sandals Resorts, except for spa, tours and drivers.



Tel. 804-288-0188


Hopefully you will not have any issues during travel; however, if you do, please contact your travel agent to report any issues.  If it is after hours, your travel documents have a 24-hour emergency line, please utilize that number.  Once you return, if you had an issue that wasn't reported while on property, it is difficult to resolve the issue.



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