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Your European Vacation Planning Timeline

Thinking of heading to Europe this year? Then, keep reading for our handy planning timeline to keep you on track!

Your European Vacation Planning Timeline

12+ Months Before Departure: Your Budget & Wishlist

Decide your budget range and preferences so you can narrow down where in Europe you want to visit. Also consider the type of trip you’re looking for –whether it’s tropical and relaxing or active and adventurous. We also suggest selecting your top three destinations and determining places that are definitely out.


9 Months Before Departure: Contact a Travel Pro

Always utilize a travel pro to help you do the planning. We’ve been to a majority of fabulous destinations ourselves and can provide you with numerous suggestions at the very best prices.


7 Months Before Departure: Travel Documents

Make sure your passport or visa is up-to-date, as well as any medical paperwork you might need. We also recommend purchasing travel insurance. Lastly, make sure you get vaccinated depending on the country you’re visiting.


3-6 Months Before Departure: Activities

Now would be a great time to start planning your European itinerary! This includes everything from activities and excursions, to spa and restaurant reservations, tour bookings, transportation, and more. You’ll also want to consider booking any inter-Europe flights, car rentals, and rail travel passes at this time. The best part? We’ll help you with all of that!

2 Months Before Departure: Shopping

Plan on getting a little shopping out of the way so you don’t have to run around looking at the last minute. This also includes any travel gear you’ll need like a duffel bag or suitcases or even electronics like a new set of headphones for your flight.

1 Week Before Departure: Final Checks

It’s getting down to the wire! Make sure you have all your paperwork, travel documents, and airfare in order. We also suggest making copies of your passport, exchanging your currency and begin packing so you’re not scrambling. You also might want to look into an international phone plan, so you don’t get hit with a big bill when you return home.

Day Before Departure: Ready to Go!

Yes! Your European getaway is finally here. The day before, you’ll need to check in for your flights, print your boarding passes, and make sure your carry-on has anything important in there like medication, your passport, and valuables.

Well, there you have it –the ultimate European vacation planning timeline! To start planning yours today, CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH A EUROPE TRAVEL PRO.

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Unknown member
Jan 22, 2020

Your article are so informative for me. After come back . I will go European for visit and enjoy your tips there . your tips are so amazing for me.

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