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Why Booking With a Travel Agent Gets You the Most Bang For Your Buck

The Struggle is Real

Are making travel plans for you and your family a complete headache? Are you sick of getting bounced around to international call centers that leave you feeling confused and frustrated?

That frustration stops here. With Journeys Inc., we'll handle your travel arrangements from start to finish, with no fuss, no confusion, and absolutely NO drama.

You're not dealing with calls center reps that leaving you hanging; with us, you'll work hand-in-hand with the experts who've been there, done that, and do the legwork FOR YOU.

Consider This

Did you know that by NOT booking with a travel agent, you are ultimately paying for a service that you never received?

In Layman's terms, booking with a travel agent costs you nothing more than you would pay if you were to book online yourself. Yes, the agency makes a commission on the trips they book, but only until after you've return from travel –which is already factored into the price.

So really, if you book your next getaway with a travel agency, you will not only get to utilize their travel planning expertise and services, but you will be supporting their small business. See, everyone wins. :)

Convinced Yet?

If this didn't already convince you, check out some of the other fabulous benefits of using us for your next vacation:

· 20+ years of combined experience in the travel industry

· Certified destination wedding & honeymoon specialists

· Affordable payment plans

· Personalized consultations to match your travel requirements

· Fast and friendly service, 7 days a week

· Full-service vacation planning from start to finish

· No service fees

For more information on using a travel agency, contact Journeys at, or visit our website today.

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