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Where's my Butler at Sandals Resorts?

So many types of rooms at Sandals Resorts! What’s the difference?

Luxury rooms are standard rooms including beer, wine, soda water and juices in the refrigerator. There’s no room service offered with Luxury rooms. Any on-property arrangements or dinner reservations need to be made at the appropriate desk.

Club rooms have some added amenities, such as room service and a fully stocked bar in the room. Check-in is also completed in the Club Sandals Lounge, which is where all reservations and changes can be made. Any tours, spa, or other activities should be re-confirmed upon arrival. Most of these can be done in Club Sandals. Dining reservations can also be made in the Club Sandals Lounge and should be done upon arrival to Sandals Resorts.

Butler Suites are larger and typically in the more desirable areas with breathtaking ocean and garden views. Each butler suite has a team of two to three butlers assigned to them. The guests are provided with a cell phone to reach the butlers when needed and upon arrival they do an in-suite check-in to review their plans for the week. They are not “in your space” any more than a housekeeper would be throughout the day.

At most Sandals Resorts, the butlers will set up chairs at the pool or beach daily in your desired location. They even stock a cooler with your favorite beverages and leave them at your chair. The more you communicate your whereabouts to the butlers, the better your service tends to be. They will also re-confirm any reservations that you have on property, as well as make any dining reservations that you need. Non-butler guests can’t make dining reservations prior to arrival, but the butlers typically have these reservations secured for each guest upon arrival. Butlers often create special “WOW” moments, such as filling the bathtub with a bubble bath after a long day or creating a romantic dinner on the patio.

Club rooms at Sandals Resorts include:

· Access to Club Sandals Lounge with a concierge available from 7a-10p.

· Room service from 7a-10p, except at Sandals Halycon.

· In-room bar stocked with alcohol and soft drinks.

Butler Suites at Sandals Resorts include:

· Will prepare breakfast in bed or on the patio.

· In-room bar stocked with premium alcohol and soft drinks.

· Arrange tours, spa, photo session or any other on property activity that weren’t pre-arranged in advance.

· Will unpack suitcase, if desired.

· Arrange snacks or drinks delivered to your suite at a certain time.

· Assist in celebrations of important events like anniversaries, honeymoons or birthdays.

· Will assist with dining reservations and typically have your dining pre-set upon arrival.

· Arrange romantic dinner on patio.

· Most resorts the butlers will arrange chairs, umbrella and a cooler in your preferred location at the beach or pool daily

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