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What Kind of Traveler Are You?

It is so important before planning your vacation that you know what kind of traveler you are. What do you want to get out of your trip? What experience would be most memorable for you? Here’s our guide to get you started:

1. City or Country

This is a tough one. You must be honest with yourself and your true likes and dislikes. Do you love the glitz and bright lights of the big city where there are restaurants, clubs and museums surrounding you? Or is nature more your thing? Does tropical forests, ocean and beaches with the fragrance of flowers in the air make you giddy?

2. Physical or Mental

What activities do you want to explore on your trip? Do you want to visit museums and landmarks, or take a bus tour of the city? Or, is your idea of a dream vacation biking down a volcano or ziplining through a tropical rainforest? Be sure to keep your activity level in mind. Ziplining might look great on the website, but if you are afraid of heights or cringe at the site of a beetles or bugs –then hiking through the woods is probably not for you!

3. Crowds or Solitude

Does your idea of a great vacation include people surrounding you in lines and activities, or do you prefer wide open spaces with only the two of you in sight? Don’t make a decision on what someone else enjoys. Be true to yourself and make a decision that you will have fun with.

4. Relaxed or On the Go

Do you see yourself laying in the sun on the beach drinking margaritas, doing beach yoga and enjoying massages in the hot sun –or are you the person who likes to have every activity scheduled and be busy your entire trip? Either way is ok –just depends on the experience you are looking for!

So, what did you come up with? What kind of traveler are you? Whichever way you go, we’ll be sure to come up with a getaway that’s perfect for you. For more information, please contact us at today.

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