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Traveling Safer: Apple AirTags

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Traveling Safer: Apple AirTags

Stay safe and keep track of the things that matter when you travel.

A Luggage Fiasco

Have you ever experienced lost luggage, misplaced luggage, or airports mishandling your luggage? It can be quite the fiasco that leads to delays or a vacation where you have to rely on backup clothing in your carry-on. We’ve helped many travelers through situations like this before and we have a major solution to helping you keep your belongings and luggage more secure. Introducing…Apple AirTags! We have the inside scoop to make the most of this awesome technology and even more ideas on how to make traveling more secure.

What Are AirTags? How Do They Help?

AirTags are peace of mind. These devices are small, circular discs that contain GPS tracking capabilities to communicate their location with a device it’s paired with. These nifty little devices can be used on just about anything to get a real-time view of where it is in the world. People often use air tags on car keys, vehicles, items of value, and really anything that they do not want to lose. AirTags are reliable, precise, and because of their size and shape can be hidden in unique areas to avoid discovery or removal from a third party. In short, they are GPS tracking devices.

These devices help so many people each year recover lost or stolen items or at least get an idea of where they might be. In the travel industry, we highly recommend utilizing these devices to keep track of your luggage. If an airport claims the luggage has been lost, you have a unique view into the physical location of your luggage, giving you a WAY better shot at recovering your bags. Like we said before, it’s a piece of technology, but it’s also peace of mind.

Where Can I Buy AirTags?

The first and most logical place to get you set up with more secure travel is determining the best place to buy Apple AirTags. The truth is, they can be found in quite a few places! If you want to go straight to the source, feel free to explore Apple’s site specifically for AirTags. They start at a very affordable $29; however, they can also be purchased from other retailers. Oftentimes, physical store locations like Best Buy or Walmart tend to carry AirTags and are a great way to get your hands on some if your trip is too close to allow for delivery or shipping time. You can also find a ton of supply (and faster delivery for Prime accounts) on Amazon—click right here to get a 4-pack deal!

It doesn’t really matter where you get them, but we suggest getting one for each piece of luggage or traveler in your group.

Setting Up Your AirTags

This is actually a lot easier than you might think. Apple makes it a straightforward process and it begins with the purchase of the AirTag. Being an Apple product, the tags are only compatible with iPhone devices and are currently only available for those devices.

Once you have purchased your AirTag, you will then open it up, remove the cover, and remove the battery tab. After you do this, you will hear the AirTag play a welcome sound letting you know it’s ready for use! The next part is really cool…you simply place the AirTag and your iPhone near each other and a prompt will appear on your phone. From there, you just need to follow the on-screen process to finish the setup—you will be prompted to choose what you're tracking and to name the AirTag, etc. Then, you’re good to go!

Your AirTag can be placed on the item of your choice and it will report the location back to your phone. If you need more support on setup and checking the location of active AirTags we suggest watching this helpful tutorial video!

Of course, our travel advisors are AirTag pros so we’d be happy to support you by setting up and answering your questions as you make your luggage more secure.

Let’s Recap

Apple AirTags make traveling easier and safer by:

  • Giving you peace of mind on the location of valuables and luggage as you travel

  • Helping you to skip delays in case of lost luggage

  • Giving you the resources to recover lost luggage during or after your vacation

This low-cost way to make your next vacation safer is one of the best things you can do as you prepare for your trip. The other best thing to do is connect with our team—we do all the planning for you. With our amazing partnerships and connections with resorts and destinations around the world…you’ll never travel without us again!

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