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Top 3 Boujee Hotels for Vacation

Top 3 Boujee Hotels for Vacation

The best ways to elevate your next trip.

We All Deserve First-Class

Have you ever had one of those vacations where the food, service, and accommodations all were so wonderful that you never wanted to leave? If not, we’re sure you’ve dreamed about it. Well, we believe that everyone deserves the first-class treatment and we’ve put together the top 3 places to stay when it’s the finer things in life that you seek! If you’re going to treat yourself, there’s no better way than picking one of these three amazing destinations.

Boujee Hotel #1: Rosewood Mayakoba

Riviera Maya is one of the most addictive places to visit. Our first pick is none other than the renowned Rosewood Mayakoba, located right in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This resort offers some of the best lodging and service options for traveling south of the border. You can find multi-bedroom villas, private residence suites, and infamous Lagoon Villas! With plenty of activity options for adults-only and family experiences alike, this hotel is well worth at least a full week stay.

Feel free to plan your day around food because Rosewood Mayakoba is ready to lead you through a culinary journey. Take advantage of Casa Del Lago for breakfast, Punta Bonita for lunch, and then top off the day with Agave Azul for some amazing Northern Baja California inspired cuisine! If anything, the food makes it all worth it.

Boujee Hotel #2: Four Seasons Anguilla

The breathtaking Four Seasons Anguilla is one to put on the ‘treat yourself’ bucket list. This resort boasts some of the best accommodations we could connect you with, including five-bedroom beach villas with modern sleek rooms all the way to townhomes, suites, and private residences. All come with everything you and your family might need to make your trip that much more luxurious. This resort is especially noteworthy for their 5-star service of their guests. You’ll truly feel on top of the world when you make this your next destination! You can even put some oceanfront yoga on your itinerary.

For food, the Four Seasons has you covered too. They offer a top-of-the-line concierge service to help you build and plan out the perfect culinary itinerary for your stay. This is a great way to skip on some of the planning when getting your dining options in order!

Boujee Hotel #3: One & Only Palmilla

This last but certainly not least mention is One & Only Palmilla. Their name really does explain just how amazing this resort is—you won’t find anything quite like it. This Baja retreat is in Los Cabos where paradise is just a way of life. Each room at this resort faces the ocean, where you can always get breathtaking views of the peninsula. At this resort, you can find suites and villas with different perks like cinema-quality theaters, where you can even request a private screening party for your group along with catering. We already hear you saying yes, but these are the kinds of services Palmilla offers to its guests and that first-class service means it’s perfect for our list…and for your next vacation!

At Palmilla, you can really get the authentic taste of Mexico. You’ll find not just one, but FIVE unique restaurants featuring Michelin-star chefs and some of the best cuisine in the world. We highly recommend trying out Seared By One & Only, that would round out your first-class journey for sure. The culinary exploration you can go on here at Palmilla is truly unique to this resort and is well worth the planning and investment!

Which is Your Favorite?

Did one of these destinations call your name? Did you find yourself starting to check dates and your vacation time from work? Great! We’re ready to help you plan everything you need to land in one of these unforgettable, first-class destinations and start living the good life.

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