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Top 3 Airplane Ticket Myths

Top 3 Airplane Ticket Myths

Your guide to avoiding common airfare myths.

There are Myths in the Air

We’ve heard them all and we’re sure we will keep hearing them, but airplane ticket myths are abundant and we’re here to finally land them firmly on the ground! The best piece of advice we can give you off the top is to find a professional, like the ones on our team, to guide you through the best way to approach getting off the ground and to your destination.

The internet is full of misguided information and ‘myths’ that will tell you some bizarre things about airfare and everything in between. So, arm yourself with a little more knowledge on the topic before you buy your tickets. When you’re ready to take the next step of making your dream vacation a reality, connect with our travel team—we have even more insight to share with you.

Myth #1: Buy on Tuesday

It used to be true. Airlines would LOVE to offer deals for flight tickets on Tuesdays. This was more of a fad and once one airline started doing it, most airlines would take the bait and do it too. This was the birthplace of this myth and somehow it perseveres even today. However, the time has come and gone. Nowadays, a very small percentage of flights are lower on Tuesdays, specifically, only about 1.6%. Not enough for our team to say that ‘flights are cheaper to purchase on Tuesdays.’ Truth is, the best time to buy your tickets is as early as possible, whether it ends up being on a Tuesday or not.

It also helps to have some insider knowledge, ehem, like from our team. 😏

Myth #2: The Incognito Approach

Modern times bring modern problems—AND modern tracking of online behavior, like cookies and other website tracking. Therefore, this myth really does add up in our opinion, but we hate to break it to you, using a private browser or incognito mode to browse and purchase airline tickets doesn’t work. There are a few reasons for this and they’re all pretty simple. First off, there is no way to ‘trick’ an online purchasing system by going incognito. The prices are standard across any platform or digital means of accessing the tickets. Just remember, airline prices and tickets are always changing. Additionally, the goal of airlines is not to find ways to raise prices on you, but more so to get you to choose their airline for your trip. The airlines also utilize software that changes prices based on availability, the whole supply and demand idea. So again, it’s a better call to try to book sooner rather than later.

Myth #3: The Perfect Time to Book

The final myth we’re here to bust is the age-old adage that you can find the perfect time to book to maximize your savings and your budget. This, our friends, is a MYTH. We’re not entirely sure where this one came from but it most likely is rooted in the realm of extreme couponing days and website prediction tools that simply do not work. What this really turns into is you delaying and delaying buying your tickets (as supply drops and prices rise) believing that there will be one glorious day of deals. Unfortunately, there is no airline Black Friday, and this waiting game that some people play turns into a bigger hit on their budget. We have heard horror stories of travelers pushing the purchase window right to the very limit in hopes of a ticket oasis stocked with cheaper tickets. It doesn’t exist and the waiting game is one that will cost more as more time passes. Trust us, there are many websites that claim they can predict airline prices and will tell you to wait until certain days, but this is a false flag and never works out in the ways they ‘predict.’

Avoid the Myths This Vacation

The simplest solution to avoid all these myths is to get yourself a travel expert that knows the ins and outs of airline systems. When you choose our team to guide your next vacation you not only get our guidance but access to the many partnerships and special deals we have exclusive access to. So don’t get tricked by the myths, get the guidance you deserve from our team, and always book your flights as soon as possible.

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