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Time to Update Your Bucket List

Time to Update Your Bucket List

Our travel team’s top 5 bucket list destinations for 2023.

A study published in the Journal of Tourism Research found that travel can lead to increased life satisfaction and well-being, particularly when it involves activities such as exploring new cultures and learning new things. We truly believe that traveling is a wonderful way to explore new places and experience different cultures. Today, we have a trip around the world 🌎 planned for you—and we cannot wait to hear which destination really caught your eye. This might make your bucket list grow; however, our team is here to help you start checking it off.

Destination #1: Africa

This is one of our favorite family-friendly options for 2023. Getting the fam together to traverse the African planes on a safari is the perfect adventure filled with memorable opportunities. This is your chance to see wildlife like never before—from elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and so much more. Africa is home to unbelievable Instagram moments and is certainly a great way to spend your vacation time. You’ll need to coordinate where you stay with the safari experience you choose, so make sure you partner with our travel team to plan out your trip to Africa.

Destination #2: Greece

A land steeped in culture, food, nightlife, and breathtaking destinations. We’re talking about Greece of course. If you’ve never considered traveling to this country, let us change your mind. With sprawling ancient cities, Greece welcomes visitors and tourists with open arms. Your itinerary can look like a mix of sightseeing because you’ll want to visit the Colosseum, along with exploring the coastal regions for amazing dining experiences and beach time. No matter what you decide to do in Greece, you’ll be glad you’re doing it there. Additionally, there are so many choices for accommodations for any type of travel group, from families to adults-only. If it gets onto your bucket list, we’ll give you some options to explore!

Destination #3: Bora Bora

From overwater bungalows to the picturesque coral reef that surrounds the island, this destination is an excellent choice for a vacation that is both relaxing and memorable. The luxury options span far and wide in Bora Bora that can make for the most romantic getaway. It’s also a family-friendly island with resorts that can keep the kids entertained while the adults kick back and relax. While on the island, you can enjoy scuba diving, water sports, and some of the finest cultural cuisine in the world. There’s even a dormant volcano with two peaks called Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia at the center of the island which are also a blast to explore with your group.

Destination #4: Lake Como

Lake Como is perhaps one of the best places to visit in Europe. With the infamous Italian cuisine of the country to the beautiful cities and sightseeing destinations, it deserves a top spot on your bucket list this year. Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, this upscale destination is world-renowned and is tucked away into the foothills of the Alps. With the city of Como nearby, you will have the opportunity to explore Renaissance architecture, local cuisine, and so much more. The lake itself is beautiful and connects visitors to both Como and the resort town of Bellagio. It’s worth the trip and we’re sure this destination will stay on your list for years to come!

Destination #5: Bali

It’s a different world in Bali. If you’re ready to really explore a new part of the world, we highly suggest adding this Indonesian island to your bucket list. With stunning resort options, amazing cultural dining options, and fun nightlife, Bali is just as enticing as it is beautiful. You’ll find live music events, luxurious accommodation options, family-friendly activities, nature adventures, and some unforgettable shopping experiences where you can connect with the local culture. It’s also a place of tradition where you can experience vibrant cultural festivals and celebrations while you visit. There are even ancient temples and religious sites that welcome tourists as well. You’ll have to visit a few times before you’ll feel like you’ve truly explored Bali—and that’s what makes it so great. Put this one on the bucket list three times.

What was your favorite destination from our list? Click below to tell us about it.

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