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The Truth About Destination Weddings

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The Truth About Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are way more than just the BIG day.

The Best Kind of Wedding

We might be slightly biased here, but destination weddings truly are the best type of wedding. Nothing beats saying ‘I Do’ in paradise, with endless possibilities for location, accommodations, romantic suites, etc. We absolutely love planning destination weddings—and have helped many couples declare their love with their toes in the sand. However, one of the absolute best parts about a destination wedding is that it’s not a one-day deal. It’s more like a full-on vacation. Our team has put together some ideas to fill your time for you and make the most out of your all-in-one wedding, honeymoon, and vacation.

When it comes to your own destination wedding and itinerary, trust the team with the most expertise to do the planning for you (hint hint). Now, let’s see how we can turn your best day into the BEST WEEK!

Idea #1: Private Boat Tours

From our experience, destination weddings tend to happen near the ocean. This makes sense as the backdrop of crashing waves really does set a timeless and romantic setting for the ‘I Dos.’ Additionally, it provides a lot of opportunities for luxurious day and night activities for the wedding party and guests.

Consider adding a day out on a catamaran, yacht, or even a fishing boat. If you are near the water, most destinations offer a variety of options for this type of activity. This gives your group time to bond, celebrate, and enjoy life as you prepare for or wind down from the actual wedding day. Don’t wait on this one, availability for more luxurious boating options can be limited, but our team can get you a spot.

Idea #2: Tequila Tasting

Tequila has a lot of one-liners associated with it, that we do not need to go into here today; however, for your destination wedding week it can make for a very unforgettable time! The best tastings are going to be where it’s made, and that’s Mexico. This is a very popular destination wedding option for so many people because of the all-inclusive resorts and amazing beaches…but also for the TEQUILA! We are happy to connect you with quick tastings that are hosted by local distilleries or connect you to even more luxurious tastings of higher-end tequilas. There’s a lot to choose from but we’ll match your group to the perfect event.

Idea #3: Spa Day & Golf Day

This next idea is not a battle of the sexes but is a great way to split up the wedding party for some male and female bonding. Depending on your specific group, this day could look a lot different, but the standard set up we love to connect groups with are spa days & golf days. The ladies can enjoy the day taking in some TLC before the big day while the guys get some quality time trying to sink hole-in-ones in a new destination. Throw some drinks into the equation and you have a perfect way to spend some time together before the wedding day itself. Let us show you some of our favorite spas and golf courses at popular all-inclusive resort locations.

Idea #4: Xoximilco

You know how we mentioned earlier that Mexico is popular for destination weddings? Well, this is another reason why. Mexico, specifically Cancun, is home to Xoximilco, a floating fiesta party that can make your after party or really any day of your wedding week an absolute blast! On this cultural gondola, you will find delicious food and drinks, live music, toasts, dancing, singing, and fun games as you take in all the beautiful scenery that Cancun has to offer.

They even do weddings on Xoximilco, so it’s even an option for your wedding day as well. We highly recommend getting in on this party of a lifetime—we’re positive the whole wedding party will never forget it!

Wedding Week Idea #5: Sunset Yoga

It’s okay if golf and parties don’t resonate with your group. Our travel team are experts at finding the right things for every type of wedding group—and sunset yoga is a window into these types of activities! A lot of resorts have picked up on the health trend of our times and now offer options like sunset or sunrise yoga, group exercise events, and more adventurous guided hikes and activities. The point here is that you can balance the partying with some more soulful experiences that can augment your wedding week in the best of ways! Our team is happy to get to know your group to support you in discovering more options like sunset yoga, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Wedding Week Idea #6: Morning After Brunch

Oftentimes, a wedding turns into a big party…in the form of a reception. As you party long into the night (and even morning), you will want to have a plan for the next day. That’s where we come in! Let us plan out an amazing “Morning After Brunch” where you can regroup, recharge, and even fight off any hangovers with bottomless mimosas. We bet you have no clue how much your wedding day and reception will be easier and more relaxing when you know you have a great brunch to look forward to. Our job is to help you party without worry, and the itinerary we create for you will help you do just that!

You May Kiss the Bride

Your wedding day is a special day. It deserves to be the most relaxing and enjoyable day of your lives together. When you choose our team for all the planning purposes, you benefit not only yourselves, but your wedding party and your guests. When we plan for you, we represent you, so you can trust that your destination, resort, and activities will be catered to your specific needs and desires. You can focus on each other while we do the planning for you.

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