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The Top 6 Reasons to Visit Aruba

Looking for a dreamy escape that’s as pretty as a picture? Then, Aruba is your best bet! Here’s 6 reasons you’ll love visiting:

Top Reasons to Visit Aruba

The Friendly Locals

With the relaxed atmosphere of Aruba and the laid-back way of life –it’s no wonder why the smiles here are contagious! The locals are always super friendly and more than eager to help with directions or recommendations for your next adventure or favorite meal. Their motto “One Happy Island” truly fits the bill, that’s for sure!

The Perfect Weather

It hardly ever rains in Aruba because the island is located at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea –a true vacationer’s dream! It can get quite warm on the island, but with Aruba’s natural trade winds –they offset the heat, making it the perfect temperature to enjoy without being too hot or too cold! It’s even a great destination for those looking to travel during hurricane season because they *luckily* don’t get hit often.

The Pristine Beaches

The beaches in Aruba are like a picture out of a magazine! Bright blue and sparkling, surrounded by the most beautiful and soft white sand beaches you’ve ever seen. The water is so clear, that it makes for a great snorkeling spot too –so don’t forget to pack your flippers and goggles!

The Geological Formations

Not only will you see exquisite beaches and waters, but Aruba is the home to caves, trails, hills and spectacular rocks that have gradually formed on the island from years of erosion! The southwest coastline of Aruba is so sheltered –so be prepared for some pretty cool diving opportunities…if you dare! Try your hand at “wreck diving” and visit the Antilla –the largest wreck in the Caribbean.

The Pastel Sunsets

Due to the moisture content from the tropical air in Aruba, travelers will be blown away by the pastel purple, orange and pink skies at night. Be sure to make a point of having a romantic sunset dinner on the beach –or watch from your room’s terrace with a glass of bubbly in hand.

The Flamingos

And what’s Aruba without the #FLAMAZING and vibrant flamingos at Renaissance Beach?! Get up-close-and-personal with the majestic birds as you swim aside them or feed them from your hand. And don’t worry –they love making new friends!

Does Aruba sound like your cup of tea? Why, of course it does! For more information on this incredible getaway, contact the team at

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