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The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World

Not sure when to visit the most magical place in the world? Then, look no further than this helpful guide!

Best times to visit Walt Disney World

Late Fall/Pre-Holidays

If you’re looking for a festive Disney experience, try visiting between mid-November and mid-December. This will give you the opportunity to check out all the cool holiday decorations, partake in seasonal events, and enjoy the mild temperatures. Be sure to avoid Thanksgiving week –as that can be a lot pricier and crowded. The parks, however, will always be more crowded on the weekends, so just plan your itinerary accordingly.

Post Holidays/Late Winter

After the holidays are all said and done, Walt Disney World tends to slow down. The second week of January through mid-February is considered to be the least busy time of year to visit –meaning the costs will be lower as well. With that said, Disney staff uses the slow time to refurbish rides and structures to avoid the crowds. Be sure to avoid any holiday weekends.

Early Spring

The first three weeks of May is also a great time to visit Walt Disney World because its moderately warm, but not entirely unbearable. The crowds and accommodations are also reasonable –but be sure to avoid Memorial Day weekend, as that can bring in more crowds and chaos.

Late Summer/Early Fall

Our last recommendation is to visit Walt Disney World in late August or during the entire month of September because the crowds tend to die down. Keep in mind, it will be extremely hot, so plan on spending your afternoons in waterparks, etc. Lastly, most hotels located off-site tend to have tons of deals going on –even their “Free Dining Package,” which is always a steal.

Ready to start planning your next trip to Walt Disney World? Then, contact the Disney pros today for our expert guidance!

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