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The Best Reasons to go Gourmet Inclusive at Karisma Resorts

Elevate your vacation and taste buds with what awaits you at Karisma Resorts. This Gourmet Inclusive experience is a true foodie’s dream come true!

1. 24 -Hour Gourmet Room Service -

Forget the cold burger and fries that you might receive from your typical hotel room service. At Karisma Resorts, have your specially prepared meal on your private rooftop terrace, or right in bed. A gourmet chef will prepare to order whatever your heart desires, whether it be Italian, Asian or Mexican –it will be customized to your liking!

2. Canadian Beef -

Canada, known for its food safety standards, inspections and rigorous grading, is the only beef that is served at Karisma Resorts –so you know that you are getting the best of the best. Enjoy the absolute best meatball, burger and steak that you have ever tasted, here!

3. Jackson Family Wines -

Winner of Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, the Jackson Wines offer premium vintages from over 40 wineries across California, France, Italy, Chile and Australia. Try the best there is, at nominal cost at Karisma Resorts.

4. Greenhouse -

You can’t get any closer or fresher than produce right from your own backyard. This is what you will experience with farm to table ingredients at these Gourmet Inclusive resorts! Chemical-free and organic pesticides are used to improve flavor and reduce their carbon footprint. Interested in taking a tour of the facility? Adults are invited to explore the gorgeous on-site greenhouse at select resorts.

5. Fuentes Culinary Theatre -

Who doesn’t love a dinner and a show? Top-notch food enjoyed in a tropical paradise, while enjoying spectacular entertainment at the same time! What could be more enticing?

6. Avant Garde Cuisine –

Modernist Cuisine is where familiar foods and ingredients are totally reimagined by Chef Jonatan Gomez Luna –to become something else, entirely. A multi-sensory dining experience and a true art form, to be enjoyed by all.

7. Kids Meals –

Forget those drive-thru “meals” that we all grew up with. Take it up a notch, or two, or three, or TEN! At Karisma, food is plated for fun and imagination—they can even join a cooking club to put their skills to the test! From dining with Dora the Explorer, to the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Karisma does it all! For the younger tots in your travel party, baby food is provided by the ever-loved Gerber brand.

8. Authentic Details –

Themed restaurants from Europe, South America and Asia are the special touches you will enjoy in this Gourmet Inclusive vacation! Where skilled chefs hail from their specific country –you know you’re getting the best of the best! You’ll also enjoy a variety of international cuisine, all the way from the brick oven pizza, to the Asian hot pots and Southwestern cuisine!

9. Specialty Liquors –

From top shelf liquor and tequila, to the traditional beers –you are sure to find your “spot” on vacation. Pop over to the Martini Bar, or perhaps you’ll want to spend your evenings at the Mojito lounge or the Gin Bar –whatever it is, you’re sure to find it somewhere!

10. 5-Star Service –

Karisma properties pride themselves for not only their gourmet excellence, but the exceptional service –where your every need is attended to before you even express it! Whether it be an attentive day at the spa, or the prompt laundry service –even the garnish on your plate, Karisma gets it done!

Book your Gourmet Inclusive experience with Karisma Resorts if you want to leave vacation feeling satisfied and amazed. Interested in what property is right for you? Then contact us today at for more info!

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