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The Best Reasons for Having a Destination Wedding

Love the idea of a destination wedding, but unsure if it’s right for you? Here are 5 reasons to ditch the banquet hall and tie the knot someplace new:

Reasons to have a destination wedding

It’s Positively Unique

Do you and your partner have a more casual and nontraditional lifestyle? Or perhaps you’d like something low-key in an intimate setting with a handful of loved ones? Whatever the reason is, the location of your destination wedding offers an nontraditional experience that makes it impossible to forget!

It’s Super Romantic

What’s more romantic than saying “I do” in paradise? Aside from the breathtaking beaches, sparkling waters, and pastel skies –you’re sure to find a resort that suits everyone’s needs! Most wedding parties qualify for room upgrades, spa credits, or even additional accommodations just for booking as a group!

It’s Very Convenient

What better way to save time for everyone than having your ceremony, reception, and accommodations all in one place? In most cases, resorts will happily arrange the main events within walking distance from each other, so finding transportation is never an issue!

It’s Totally Affordable

Since the average wedding in the U.S. can cost up to $30,000, a destination wedding for about a third of the cost sounds quite appealing, don’cha think? We can help you customize the perfect wedding package to fit just about any budget, too!

It’s Easy to Plan

The idea of a remote wedding can sound difficult to plan, sure –but with our years of combined experience in the destination wedding industry, we’ll make the process for you a breeze! For more information on planning a destination wedding, just click here to get started.

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