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South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa Travel Guide

Discover the top things to do in this exotic location.

Are you dreaming of a vacation destination that offers the chance to connect with a different time and culture? One that has endless opportunities to explore and relax? Well, lucky you…we have just the place in mind that offers all the above. We’re talking about the beautiful country of South Africa!

This culturally rich destination will transport you to the past (but with modern amenities) and help you relax and reconnect with yourself, family, or whoever you’re traveling with! It’s a destination that’s full of intrigue and adventure, so we think this destination is worthy of a full review. Read on to spark some ideas for your South Africa adventure!

Must-Do #1: Visit Cape Town, South Africa

There’s no better place to start than in the infamous Cape Town, South Africa! This is one of three, yes three, capital cities and is a very popular destination amongst tourists and vacationers. Being a Port City, it’s situated right along the southwest coast of South Africa, so you have amazing access to the city, mountain adventures, and the ever-beautiful South Atlantic Ocean! Speaking of mountains though, one awesome adventure we highly recommend is taking the cable cars to the top of Table Mountain where you can take in encompassing views of the city, bustling harbor, and ocean activities below.

Additionally, this is a great place to take in some history as Robben Island, originally a prison (that held Nelson Mandela!) is now a living museum that is a perfect day activity for solo travelers, couples, or families! Remind your travel advisor to put this one on your “to-do” list.

Must-Do #2: South Africa’s Wine Country

All things are better with a little wine…and when it comes to South Africa, this holds very true! Our next must-do is to explore South Africa’s wine country. This is definitely an all-day (or more) excursion, but it is easily accessible from Cape Town. A quick 45-minute drive from Cape Town will land you in Stellenbosch, which boasts some amazing restaurants for breakfast or lunch like the Schoon de Companje! From there, you can take the scenic Helshoogte Pass to reach Franschhoek, the center of South Africa’s wine region.

It’s time to start tasting—as there are two major wineries that you cannot skip out on…Tokara and Delaire Graff Estate both rest against the Hottentots Holland Mountains and offer a selection of fine wines for tasting experiences and purchase! There are way more wineries to explore and we’re happy to guide you to all the right spots. Let’s put wine country on the itinerary!

Must-Do #3: Penguin Beaches

It may seem a little surprising to mention penguins in Africa, but it makes for quite the day visiting and exploring the Penguin Beaches! Here you’ll find a picturesque landscape of granite boulders that protect sandy inlets and beaches, lending to its name, Boulder Beach. However, you will also find something very special to spectate here, and that is, you guessed it…Penguins! These protected areas are home to Waddling Penguins, which can only be found at this destination. It’s a great way to connect with nature! You’ll never forget these sunbathing penguins, we’re sure of it.

Must-Do #4: Swimming with the Sharks

This one is for the adrenaline junkies (we’ll just stay on the boat, thank you). In South Africa, you have the unique opportunity to swim with and admire the local shark population. There are a few different boats and tours that offer shark cage diving experiences in the infamous Gansbaai and Shark Alley! This is your chance to come nose to nose with great white sharks and get that adrenaline pumping all while being out on the crystal blue waters that surround this gorgeous destination. It doesn’t have to be all sharks though! There are also amazing opportunities and boat tours for whale watching as well! This makes for a perfect day out and about—and we’re happy to get your face-to-face encounter booked!

Must-Do #5: Safari Tours

Let us not forget…Africa is rich in nature and home to stunning animals like lions, giraffes, and zebras. Therefore, South Africa is a really great place to get in on some unforgettable Safari excursions!

We suggest exploring Kruger National Park. This is South Africa’s largest game reserve and is renowned as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. Here you can really see nature, undisturbed, while you are guided through unforgettable scenery spotting animals that you cannot see anywhere else on the planet! The Grand South Africa Safari is a perfect way to travel through this reserve, as it also takes you through the Phinda Private Game Reserve. This reserve is home to Africa’s big five wildlife game—lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos! Here you can see more rare animals like the elusive cheetah or even the black rhino. This tourist favorite is one of our best recommendations for your South Africa vacation. Make sure it ends up in your plans by working with our team!

Time for Adventure…?

There’s so much to explore in this breathtaking destination, but you can’t get there until you start planning! Getting things started is as easy as reaching out to our team of travel advisors. From there, we’ll discover your preferences and plan a trip full of exploration AND relaxation. You just must send us some pictures of the sharks and lions—we can’t wait to see your travels!

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