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Resort Highlight: Hotel Xcaret Arte

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


It’s In The Name

Welcome back to another in-depth look at a resort we feel is worthy of discussion: Hotel Xcaret Arte in Mexico. This place is quite literally natural art, earning its name, and offers A TON of opportunities to relax, explore, dine, and connect. This resort is built into caves and is completely surrounded by a swimmable river and boasts an art-themed deco to its accommodations. Read on, we’ll start getting your vacation planned!

Modern Times, Modern Resorts

Hotel Xcaret Arte has a modern approach to guest services. They use WhatsApp to communicate with guests. This means you can utilize the app for reservations, guest information, and general support and inquiries from the resort. We think the paperless method is a great way to reduce waste and offer a cleaner experience to guests. One con here is that if technology and apps are not your thing, then this resort could be a challenge to navigate—however, the staff is very welcoming and helpful. Let’s just say, it would be worth learning something new to stay here.

Quite Roomy

One of the most important parts of any stay is the rooms (and yes we agree food is the most important, but we will get to that). Hotel Xcaret Arte offers an authentic Mexican theme in their well-appointed and contemporary rooms featuring options like garden views, ocean views, and even swim-up rooms. That’s right, swim back to your room! Hotel Xcaret Arte goes further in providing reusable metal cups that can be used across the resort, adding once again to that clean and waste-conscious experience.

One more thing—this resort also offers casas as an option. These luxurious private locations offer anything from rooftop casas and butlers for your guests to rooftop pools, their own dedicated restaurants and upgraded service. Ask our team about ‘Casa De Las Artistas’ if you are looking for a more ritzy stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte.

A Feast To Be Had

Everyone knows Mexico has some AMAZING cuisine and Hotel Xcaret Arte does not disappoint. You get to really feel like part of the culture with dining options ranging from casual family-style restaurants to 5-star restaurants needing reservations at least a month in advance. Culture inspires the food at Hotel Xcaret Arte, and you can explore authentic Mexican cuisine every day of your trip.

Feeling Entertained?

There’s more to vacation than just the beach…Hotel Xcaret Arte has tons of amenities that make for a great, fun-filled vacation. This resort offers a wide collection of eco-parks to keep you exploring and having fun your entire trip. Most of the eco-parks are easily accessible by bus from the main lobby, departing every 20 minutes or so with a few stops along the way. However, some parks require advance reservations—but don’t worry, we are here to guide you along the way. Each day you can pick a new park and explore new accommodations this resort has to offer, like automated photo machines that work with your bracelet or room key to capture every fun moment! Some tips from our pro-vacationers for the parks:

  • Bring water shoes, towels, and sunscreen

  • Bring a set of dry clothes

  • Bring a plastic bag for wet clothes

  • Lots of walking, a one-piece bathing suit may be a better option for women

These parks are great for families or couples and are sure to keep you coming back for more!

That Spa Moment

There’s nothing like a good spa…but there is truly nothing like the spa at Hotel Xcaret Arte! This spa offers some amazing and relaxing options like hydrotherapy in rooms with river views. Aside from the regular spa treatment, you may be accustomed to, Hotel Xcaret Arte seems to go the extra mile with the service and culture they offer! It’s worth looking into further, daydream with us a little bit more: Hotel Xcaret Arte Spa.

Arte Awaits

Are you excited? We’re excited! Every time we think about this resort we get pretty jazzed about all of the wonderful entertainment and dining options it has to offer. No matter how long you stay, you are sure to experience something new every time you leave your room. We’d love to get this destination on your schedule—connect with our team today and take the modern approach to vacation.

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