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Our Top 6 Unusual Honeymoons for 2020

Want to kick off married life with a unique experience the two of you will cherish forever? Then, keep reading for some inspiration!

Try an African Safari for your honeymoon!


If you want to reconnect yourselves with nature, an African honeymoon will do just that. Step away from the hustle and bustle of your modern life and enjoy the complete seclusion offered in an African safari. Decide if you wish to spend your days filled with adventure on a boat trip or balloon safari or relaxing with a variety of activities like spa treatments, picnics, starlight dinners, and more.

Cape Town

As one of South Africa’s emerging cities, honeymooners can enjoy the country’s most spectacular scenery and jaw-dropping views. Cape Town also offers visitors some of Africa’s most romantic beaches, both on the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, where couples and relax and unwind in complete serenity.


Considered to be rugged, yet breathtakingly beautiful, the Patagonia region of South America checks all the boxes for romance and adventure. In fact, most travelers love it for its famous hiking and camping spots –but don’t let that fool you. Patagonia has plenty of romantic accommodations for couples who still want to experience the utmost luxury.


The Vaadhoo Islands, an inhabited island in the Maldives, offers some truly unique experiences to honeymooners. One worth mentioning includes a bioluminescence that can only be seen in the waters surrounding the island at night. It’s no doubt you and your new husband or wife will find it magical.


Known for its perfect combination of rich culture and city life, Vietnam is a great destination for honeymooners looking for a more budget-friendly option with plenty of activities. Take a motorbike from the North to South ends for a little adventure or get lost until you make your way to some of the area’s hidden gems.

Want to learn more about one of these unusual honeymoon destinations? Then, click here to request a quote!

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