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Must Read Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Wondering how you’ll make it through that long flight to your vacation across the world? Read on for helpful hints to make your travel time fly by!

1. Wear your most comfy clothesdressing in layers is a good choice for the ride that can tend to be on the chilly side. Think “cozy” and “comfy” when choosing your clothes for the trip. Flats or sneakers are also recommended.

2. Bring a travel pillow and sleep mask Sleeping on the plane is a great way to pass the time and be refreshed for when you arrive at your destination. Always nice to have your own too!

3. Pack snacksAirplane food isn’t known to be the tastiest, so be sure to pack some of your favorite granola bars, nuts, or crackers.

4. Invest in a travel charger - Long flights mean draining phones. Come prepared and stay connected during your flight.

5. Buy your ticket early Whether you like the aisle seat to stretch your legs or you like the window seat for more privacy, you must book early for the utmost in comfort.

6. Pack your own headphonesThe plastic ones that the airline provides are uncomfortable and don’t block out the crying baby in the back of the plane. Again, always nice to have your own!

7. Stay hydrated With the super dry air in the cabin it is easy to become easily dehydrated. Jet lag can be worsened if you don’t get enough water to drink.

8. Stretch those legs Sitting in the same seat for hours on end can lead to stiff, achy joints as well as possible blood clots. Compression socks can also help with blood flow. So get up and move those legs!

We hope these tips help your long flight more comfortable and less stressful. Keep in mind that a little extra planning ahead of time can make for a big payoff in the long run. For more information, shoot us a message at

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