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Island Inspiration: Hawaii

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


Your Guide to the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is synonymous with a relaxed and welcoming culture, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear water. However, the state has so much more to offer. Our team devised a helpful guide, so when you decide to visit this sunny paradise—you know where to go! We’ll start gathering your accommodations, we’re confident you’ll want to visit the beautiful state of Hawaii after reading this blog.

Island #1: Maui

This picture-perfect island, situated slightly north of Hawaii itself, is one of the most popular Hawaiian islands. Here you can find unforgettable pools and waterfalls located in the ‘Ohe’o Gulch. ‘Ohe’o means ‘something special’ and this attraction in East Maui certainly is. If you’re going to visit the ‘Oheo’o Gulch while in Maui, we recommend going early, as the area gets crowded as the day goes on.

Additionally, you can find over 30 miles of beaches in Maui—offering endless amounts of relaxation and privacy as you swim, explore, and lounge in the sun. This island is also famous for whale-watching, volcanoes, snorkeling, ziplines, and even luaus! If you’re looking to dive into scenic views and boatloads of history, the Road to Hana would be a nice touch to your vacation. There’s a variety of resorts to choose from that offer all-inclusive experiences for the family, as well as adult-only destinations. We’d love to see your toes in the sand on this beautiful island. Make this your next vacation with our team!

Island #2: Oahu

Situated slightly north of Maui, Oahu boasts a variety of different activities, stretching from the historic Pearl Harbor location to the iconic beach and nightlife of Waikiki. Speaking of history, when you visit Oahu, be sure to explore the China Town region, as well as the Punchbowl. The Punchbowl is a national memorial for U.S. service members, located in Punchbowl Crater and created by the local volcano.

Additionally, Oahu’s North Shore features miles of coast, making it a perfect spot for surfing, snorkeling, and adventuring! In fact, the North Shore is home to ‘big waves’ making it the ideal place to surf. If you’re a first-time surfer or someone who has tried surfing before, the North Shore and Waikiki are the hot spots to go in the area!

Oahu is also perfect for foodies and those who appreciate an active nightlife. Be sure to check out the North Shore food trucks located at the tip of the island! Here, you can find shrimp trucks, Thai food, açaí bowls, shaved ice…and MORE! Pssst…we heard the shrimp trucks are pretty good! There’s more to the list—but we recommend connecting with us first and we’ll pair you with the perfect destination according to your preferences.

Island #3: The Big Island

It doesn’t get more iconic than the Big Island. Serving as the focal point for the Hawaiian archipelago, this developed island nation hosts so many fun activities for the vacationer. For starters, seek out the colored-sand beaches located throughout the Big Island. Papakolea is one of the beaches where you will find GREEN sand. Punalu’u is another beach that has black sand.

As you explore this amazing destination, you can choose to go after your travel by air, sea, or land. The island has helicopter tours, water-based activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, and offers an abundance of hiking and biking trails, as well as museums, scenic overlooks, and stunning waterfall locations. Last but definitely not least, if you’re headed to the Big Island, be sure to check out the volcano and lava viewing destinations. Hawaii was founded due to continuous volcanic activity. Seeing the volcanic activity happening in real-time is a truly incredible experience! If you’re looking to knock out all of the things in one place, the Big Island is for you. Let’s start building your itinerary today.

Good! We can tell you’re hungry for a new adventure—and island life is calling your name. All it takes is one email or phone call to our team to get your plan started. Don’t forget! Just because your resort is on one of the islands does not mean you can’t visit the other islands while you’re there. You can take full advantage of ALL of the island destinations in the Hawaiian paradise, but you’ll need a good plan first.

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