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Important Things to Know Before Visiting Cancun & The Riviera Maya

You’ve planned and saved –now it’s time to start preparing for that big trip. Here’s some quick tips before taking off to Mexico!

AIRLINE/AIRPORT INFO: Check and double check your airlines’ website. You don’t want any surprises with any schedule changes or cancellations. Remember to check in online. It will save you time and hassles to get this taken care of before you arrive at the airport. Arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your departure time to Mexico. This will allow for any unforeseen surprises. Please note your airlines baggage rules for both checked bags and carry-ons. You don’t want to be that passenger to have the contents of your carry-on sprawled all over for the world to see!

CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATIONS: You will need to complete a Customs and Immigrations card prior to departing. This saves you time in the airport. Once you clear immigration, you are set to pick up your luggage. With luggage in hand, head to customs to turn in your customs form. This sounds simple and it can be, depending on the crowds and lines of people trying to do the same thing you are. Plan on 60-90 minutes for this step!

YOU HAVE ARRIVED! Time to check in: It is a really smart idea to pack a separate bag with beach items, so you can relax by the pool if you arrive before your scheduled check-in time.

TOURS AND EXCURSIONS: Most excursions require you to check-in with them 24-hours in advance of your tour, so be sure to pay attention to your ticket stubs. Tips typically aren’t included in these excursions. Come prepared.

DRESS CODE: Many restaurants have dress codes. Be sure to check the website of your expected establishment to ensure that you have dressed accordingly. If you have forgotten something, no need to worry. It is just an excuse to go shopping!

ELECTRICITY: The resort is on the same voltage as the US, no need for a converter.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS TO THE RESORT: Proceed through the airport, while avoiding eye contact with everyone trying to sell you timeshares. While outside, look for the transfer company on your voucher in your travel documents. Easy-peasy!

TIPPING: Tipping is not included in your all-inclusive vacation package. You should plan to tip the transfer driver and any staff on the resort property. The recommendation for the housekeeper, is the first and the last day of your stay. The bell boy should be recognized when he takes your bags to your room. The bartender and room service people can be tipped at the end of your stay. Plan to have a special “stash” of singles for this reason alone!

We hope knowing these tips ahead of time will help make your travel as stress-free as possible. But keep in mind, sometimes the unexpected is part of what makes that dream vacation so memorable!

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