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If you want an amazing honeymoon...the 3 things you must have!

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YOU MUST HAVE: Information You Can Trust

The internet is great for collecting ideas, but do you want information you can trust?

  • How’s the nightlife at the resort? Will there be champagne poolside? Will my room overlook the ocean? Is there an amazing spa and fitness center available? 

  • Can I leave the resort? What types of excursions are the most fun in my destination? Where can I go that’s off the beaten path? Any cool Instagram spots?

  • With the current world situation, how do I navigate all the information?

Your honeymoon is once-in-a-lifetime and you’ll want it to be fabulous. Our Certified Honeymoon Travel Specialists can answer all of these questions, are connected, and have all the up-to-date details for YOU. No worries!

YOU MUST HAVE: Your Own Travel Concierge

If you book your honeymoon online, who do you call with questions or issues? Save yourself the hassle of being passed around a call center. Your Certified Honeymoon Travel Specialist is here for you:

  • Our timely responses to each and every client allow you to spend more time planning your wedding

  • We never want you to stress while traveling, but if a situation were to arise, we are here to help 

  • We have connections at each resort we partner with so you are never traveling alone

Google Greece honeymoon

YOU MUST HAVE: Top-Level Service

When you book your honeymoon online, you become just another internet booking. When a Journeys Honeymoon Specialist assists you in planning, you become part of our travel family:

  • Our honeymooners are announced prior to arrival via a VIP notice at each resort

  • We can set up all sorts of fun extras at the resort for you: champagne brunch, beach dinners, a private spa day, and more!

  • Your happiness and satisfaction are top-priority!


You deserve the best honeymoon. Contact our award-winning Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists for a complimentary quote for your honeymoon at

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