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How to Tip in Europe

While tipping is almost always expected in the U.S., it isn’t as common in Europe. Keep scrolling to learn what you should do in various tipping scenarios:

How to tip in Europe

At a café…

When ordering food from a café counter in Europe, tipping isn’t necessary or expected –so no need to bust out the extra change.

At a bar…

Tipping your bartender in Europe isn’t expected but giving them one or two euros for great service is always appreciated and totally welcome.

At a restaurant…

Contrary to popular belief, there really is no obligation to leave a tip at a European restaurant. If you do feel that your service was exceptional and want to leave a tip, try not to exceed 10% of the bill, as anything more would be considered excessive. Keep in mind, the service may already be included in your final bill in some countries (i.e, service in France), so be sure to factor that in before leaving a tip. Cash tips are also recommended.

Your shuttle driver…

Though unnecessary, your shuttle driver would certainly appreciate one or two euros per bag if they help you carry your luggage to the bus.

Your taxi driver…

A safe bet is to round to the nearest five euros for a shorter ride, or to the nearest ten for a longer commute.

Your doorman/bellhop…

One or two euros is the perfect way to say thank you to your doorman or bellhop for helping you with your luggage.

Your housekeeper…

A couple euros is sufficient when tipping your housekeeper after your stay on vacation.

We hope this Europe tipping guide is helpful the next time you make the trip overseas. Don’t have anything planned yet? Well, we can fix that! Contact us today at or click here for a free quote.

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