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Europe's Most Fascinating Cities This Year

With lower airfare and exchange rates, Europe is a great option for travel right now. Find out if your dream vacation made the list!


Visit the "City of Lights" in the most romantic place in the world! Enjoy sophisticated shopping and dining, while gazing at the iconic sights of Paris. The glorious landmarks, as well as the art and history of this bustling city make for one memorable vacation.


London is the most regal and populated city in England. It's also the home of Big Ben, the London Eye, the gorgeous Tower Bridge, the Palace of Westminster –and of course, the royal Buckingham Palace. Any history buffs out there? Then this city will put you in your glory.


Ah, Rome! Italy's capital city has the perfect mesh of history and liveliness all-in-one. Known as the "Eternal City," Rome boasts the top travel destination in Italy with numerous attractions. Think modern-day-Italian-city-meets-Roman-civilization –back in 70, AD! For those of you looking for a deep look into the past, as well as the hustle and bustle of a modern city –Rome is your match.


Did you know that Santorini is known for being one of the most popular islands in the world because of its beautiful beaches, ancient cities, incredible cuisine, and active volcano? It's no wonder it gets millions of visitors each year! And right now, this gorgeous Grecian city invites you to celebrate romance with breathtaking views for incredibly low rates –you'll have to ask us the details!


From the beginning, Amsterdam was a 13th-century fishing village on a river bed. Now, this charming city is lined with quaint homes and intricate canals, acting as a major hub for business, tourism and culture. No disappointment when exploring here!


Barcelona beams with bright colors, artwork, and Gothic architecture. It's Mediterranean location and glorious views boast a favorable spot among travelers, as well as numerous cultural attractions and fresh cuisine.

If you've ever thought about Europe, now is the time to go! Ask us about current fares and specials at today!

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