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Do I need to tip at an all-inclusive resort?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

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All-inclusive resorts make traveling so easy and carefree.  Whether you’re taking a family vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding, trip with friends, or a romantic getaway, you want to be able to budget accordingly.  

Most all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean include meals, drinks, room service, and some activities, but our Journeys travel advisors are often asked if tips are included.  There’s really not a clear answer for this, but we’ve got some suggestions for you on how to appropriately tip while vacationing.  Some resorts chains, prohibit you from tipping their staff except butlers and spa attendants, so check with your travel advisor to make sure it’s ok to tip at your resort.

While tips aren’t mandatory, it’s a good idea to tip some of the staff who make your vacation more enjoyable!  Tipping the beach or pool butler at the beginning of the day is a great way to ensure that you will have excellent service throughout your day and the little umbrella drinks won’t stop coming!

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How much to tip:

  • Airport Transfer Drivers: $5-$10 each way

  • Ordering a drink or two at the bar: $1-$2 

  • Housekeeping: $2-$4 per day

  • Baggage handlers: $1 per bag

  • Bartender $1 per drink

  • Restaurant Servers: Sitdown meal $5-10

  • Pool/Beach Butlers:  $10-20 per day (break up some in the morning & afternoon)

  • Omelet Chef: $2-$3 per day 

  • Excursions: $10 per person and up 

  • Pool Attendants $5 per day if they’re holding chairs for you

  • Spa Attendants: 10-20% (some spas include service fees, but these generally don’t go to the attendants)

  • Butlers: $20-$40 per day per butler 

Bring about $250-$300 in small bills (mainly $5 and $1 bills) for tipping.  In the Caribbean and Mexico, US dollars are widely accepted, so no need to exchange your money.  

Everyone loves to receive praise about their work, so a compliment provided to management or a review on social media is also always appreciated.  Don’t let that go unnoticed on your vacation!

For more info on how to travel to the best resorts out there, please let us provide you with a complimentary quote:

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