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Beach Essentials for the Kids

With the winter among us, what better escape with the kids than a beach trip to paradise? Here’s some beach essentials you and your family shouldn’t go without!

1. Sunblock

Though the kiddies might resist on this one, be sure to insist on the sunscreen before they dash into the water. You may even want to consider a higher level of sun protection, like SPF 50, since kids have more sensitive skin than adults.

2. Umbrella

Speaking of protection, it’s also smart to reserve yourself a sun tent or pack a large umbrella in case the kids need a break from the sun. This is a good option for those families with babies or infants that are too small to play on the beach as well.

3. Cooler

Kid are always hungry –be sure to pack plenty of snacks and bottled water so you aren’t in a pinch when they decide to throw a tantrum because you didn’t bring their favorite juice.

4. Beach Towels

Although some resorts and hotels provide guests with beach towels, be sure to pack extras in case. The last thing you need is your kids tracking their wet suits and sand into your bedroom!

5. Sand Toys

What’s a trip to the beach without sand pails and shovels? How about a kite, a frisbee, or even a metal detector? Not only will they have fun, but it’ll keep them busy as you dive into your favorite book!

6. Change of Clothes

Kids are kids are kids! Expect the dirt and the mess, so be prepared with clean, dry clothes and shoes---for everyone! It’s also a great idea to pack a couple plastic bags in your tote to separate wet clothes from the rest of your belongings.

We hope you found these tips helpful as you begin to prepare for your next beach trip with the kiddos! For any questions on booking your next adventure, contact us today at

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