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Affordable Flight Tips

Affordable Flight Tips

You’ll be in the air in no time with these essential money-saving flight tips.

Are Prices Sky-High?

That is a bit of a loaded question. It’s important to not fall into the ‘cheap flights’ myths, like it’s cheaper to buy plane tickets on a Tuesday, etc. However, we know flying can be a significant part of your travel budget. Don’t get discouraged—we’re here to tell you all about the best ways to make flying more affordable and give you extra room in your budget! Let us be the ones to guide you through all the ways you can save and not worry about anything but the amazing vacation you have ahead of you. So, read on, learn a little, and then connect with your very own travel advisor here at Journeys to start planning your next trip.

Start Now

That’s right, the earlier you book, the better. As flights fill up, especially during busier travel seasons, prices follow suit by increasing. This is just a given. If you get an early start on your planning, you give yourself WAY more options to choose from and more flexibility in your budget. It’s great to use tools like Google Flights to watch and monitor openings, but always make sure you book your flight directly on the airline’s website! This will give you full access to maximum flexibility and service. You know the early bird gets the worm…well, the early planner gets the better flights! As a reminder, as seats fill up on the airplane, the pricing goes up as well—and rarely comes back down!

Flexibility Goes a Long Way

This goes for both your travel dates and your travel destinations. The ideal time for your trip might not exactly line up with what you had in mind; however, it could be way better for your budget. With this tip, we encourage you to keep a little spontaneity in your planning, where you are comfortable with some slight changes in order to save expenses on the travel part alone. This might mean minor changes to arrival and departure days and times. Really, it depends on your flexibility and eagerness to save.

It’s Okay to Say NO to Direct

Direct flights are convenient, sure. However, direct flights can also mean more cost for that very convenience. So, now that we’re feeling flexible, keep in mind that transfer flights or altered destinations can save you some major expenses. This might mean a little more airtime, but the savings can definitely be worth it. A layover is nothing to fear when you have a good plan—and saving some money while you do it is always a plus! Remember, we’re always happy to guide you through planning your route in the sky!

You Got Any Points?

One of our favorite ways to save on flights is to take advantage of rewards, points, and travel programs that are out there. When you start planning, do some research on what types of cards and rewards programs exist for the airline company you prefer. Oftentimes, this does not mean spending any extra money, but spending your money in a different way to rack up points, air miles, and free flights. This is truly a tip that keeps on paying off. As you continue to travel, you can use these miles and rewards to go on your next vacation! If you need some help researching, don’t worry—our experts can point you in the right direction to getting the most out of every vacation. PRO-TIP: we recommend getting travel rewards cards sooner rather than later as each trip is a chance to build more rewards toward future trips!

It’s Better with Experts

Our final tip is to reach out to the travel experts for help. When you go to plan something like an overseas or out-of-country trip, the planning can be extensive. When you throw in line items like airfare and everything that goes with it, searching for a deal can feel like a burden.

When you work with our team, you’ll get access to lower rates and insider promotions and tips that are often difficult to weed out on your own!

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