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A Magical Journey

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

A Magical Journey

Our tips for an unforgettable Disney vacation.

Experience Disney

There is so much magic in this world, but nothing quite compares to a vacation based around the wonderful world of Disney! With a little something for everyone, this favorite tourist destination is one that, when done right, can be the best vacation you have ever had. Our Disney experts have put together some of their best tips and suggestions for a worry-free vacation! Read on and become a Disney expert yourself. Always remember, when you wish upon a star for the best vacation ever, we’ll be there to make it come true!

Tip #1: Begin with Genie

Disney is revolutionizing the way visitors experience their attractions. Let us introduce you to what’s called, Genie+. This mobile app is designed with you in mind and offers custom tailored suggestions based on favorite attractions and must-dos from your party! Additionally, the app suggests the best time to visit attractions, generates daily itineraries and offers a travel map for the BEST Disney experience. There’s, even more, to explore once you download the app—but if you’re planning a Disney vacation, this app is a must-have. Oh, one last thing…say goodbye to waiting in lines with the lightning lane option!

Pro-Tip: Our team gives you a guide on how to use Genie+ and a game plan!

Extra Pro-Tip: Remember to order your Magicbands in advance if you want to use them.

Tip #2: Know Your Must-Dos

We all know that Disney has A LOT to offer and can easily pack a full-week vacation! What we’re saying is, it can be difficult to do and see it all in one go. So, our next tip for a successful getaway is to know your must-dos before heading to Disney. Be it Splash Mountain, fireworks at Magic Kingdom, or one of the many immersive Disney experiences—take some time before the trip to talk with our travel advisors about all of the options available. This is a great time to get the kids involved to see what they want to experience most. Pssst…the Genie+ app also comes in handy here as you can input these suggestions to build itineraries that cover everyone's must-dos!

Tip #3: Start the Planning Process…NOW!

Planning. What a word. We thrive on a good plan and our travel advisors think it’s one of the best tips to get across to vacationers. Start planning early—really though, it’s never too early to start planning. This is beneficial in a few ways, see what we mean:

  • More selection for accommodations

  • Early bird discounts (for some services!)

  • Cheaper airfare

  • Peace of mind for full relaxation

There are a few more perks like knowing your budget, final costs, and being able to split payments but we digress. The key point to take away is that the sooner you connect with our team about your plans, the better your vacation will be! Also, Disney and surrounding accommodations tend to fill up very quickly so “the early bird gets the worm” really holds some weight here!

Tip #4: Have Fun!

This last tip is something we care deeply about. Remember to have fun while you relax in one of the most magical places on earth! The easiest (and best) way to do this is by leaving the planning to the professionals. Working with a travel consultant specializing in Disney destinations is the most sure-fire way to fully lock into relaxation mode while on your trip. The planning, itinerary, things to do, where to eat, and more are all covered and accounted for when you partner with us. That means no extra anxiety from trying to plan on the spot or come up with the next thing for everyone to do. So, remember to relax, have fun, connect with your family, and have the best experience possible at Magic Kingdom.

Pro-Tip: Use mobile ordering for dining to save you time waiting in line.

Tip #5: Connect and Plan

We’re hoping you took that last tip to heart and are ready to start planning your next Disney adventure. We’ll help you get connected to Genie+ and get everything mapped out for a successful vacation to Disney.

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