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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure Before Traveling

Whether you’ll be gone for a weekend, or for an entire week out of the country, it’s important that you make sure your home and belongings are secure before leaving. Here’s some tips to consider so your mind is at rest when you’re gone.

1. Lock up

This is clearly a no-brainer, but sometimes in the midst of packing, printing tickets, grabbing passports, and dropping pets off to their babysitters –you forget the obvious. Please make sure to double-check that every door is dead bolted and secure before you run out of the house in a frenzy.

2. Notify your Relatives & Neighbors

Having someone keep tabs on your home for any unusual activity while you’re away is a great idea. You can have your neighbor get your mail or newspaper so it doesn’t build up in your mailbox or front step. Lights could be turned on and off in different rooms at various times to give the illusion that someone is home. Even an extra car parked in the driveway will make someone think twice about being somewhere they don’t belong.

3. Install a Security System

Though this might not feel necessary (you’re in a “safe” neighborhood, after all), you really just never know. A security system will put your mind at ease knowing the authorities will be notified immediately, should someone decide to break in.

4. Get a Safe

Any valuables you don’t bring during your travels should be locked up and secured in a safe. Again, if someone were to break in, at least your most important items would be stowed away.

5. Timer Lights

Lighting in your home, or the lack thereof, is a dead giveaway if your home is occupied or not. Have timers in a couple different rooms going on and off at random times of the day will certainly make someone who is watching your home question whether you are there or not.

6. Notify Authorities

If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to let your town authorities know about your absence. In many cases, they’ll check up on your property while you’re gone.

7. Keep Your Routine

If someone has been “casing the joint,” they know your routines –so don’t change them. So, if you typically keep your curtains open, don’t close them while you’re away.

8. Unplug

To save energy and to prevent any power surges that may occur while you’re gone, unplug all appliances. You don’t want to worry on your vacation that you might come home to find that your old dryer short circuited, or worse –started a fire!

9. Don’t Announce it to the Whole World

We get it –you worked hard all year to go on your dream vacation. But only close friends and relatives really need to know the exact dates you’ll be gone. Don’t post your travel dates to the hundreds (or thousands) of randoms on Facebook.

Taking some time to prepare your home security is well-worth the effort, in exchange for a relaxed mindset when you’re away. We hope you consider these tips before your next trip!

Don’t have a trip planned just yet? Then let’s fix that! Contact us today at, or request a quote and we can get started.

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