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7 Unique Wedding Favors for your Guests

No matter what your budget is, you’ll want to have wedding favors that your guests will appreciate and enjoy! Here’s a variety of ideas that will hopefully spark your creativity:

1. Champagne

Let the celebration continue long after you’ve hung up your dancing shoes! Place a favorite picture of you and your guest on the bottle for an extra special touch!

2. Seed packets

This idea is both inexpensive and creative. You can purchase containers or bags and personalize with each guest’s name, your wedding date –or even a fun phrase like, “let love grow.”

3. Popcorn or Candy Bar

Place the station at the exit of your venue with gift bags and let your guests scoop out their favorite treat on their way home!

4. Potted herbs or succulents

A lasting memory to remember your special day and practical enough for everyone to enjoy.

5. Candies and Sweets

Personalize your favorite candy bar, mint or gum. Ain’t that sweet?

6. Votive Candles

Choose your wedding colors or even a special seasonal scent. Not only do your guests have a special gift to bring home, but the candles are a great décor idea for your reception!

7. Mason Jar Surprises

This is a super budget-friendly idea! Fill with candy, smores fixings, or dried fruit and nuts. Turn the jars into vases with simple dried flowers. The list is endless for this DIY-favor!

These are just a few great ideas to get you started –but the possibilities are endless! For more information on planning your destination wedding, or for more tips like these, contact us today at

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