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6 Things You May Not Know About River Cruisin'

"What's all this talk about river cruisin'," you ask? Well, you're about to find out –because we're here to give you the scoop!


Can you think of anything more enticing than sitting back and looking out at the panoramic views of the Danube River? Picture rolling hillsides, medieval castles and exquisite vineyards as you float on down the river!


You'll never feel lost on a river cruise! Not only are these types of cruises known for their romantic and intimate feel, but they're also much smaller in size than your average Caribbean Cruise ships—everyone will know you by name...well, maybe ; )


The itinerary is just as exciting on the return trip, as it is on the way down! The reason? Most river cruises will sail back the same way you came, but with AmaWaterways (one of our favorite river cruise options, by the way), new cities will be added on your journey ride home—it' a win-win!


Visit various cities without packing and unpacking. Keep your luggage tucked away until it's time to sail back home. River cruises are comparable to a 5-Star hotel. Comfort and luxury are top-notch on this unique vacation!


Are you a wine lover or beer drinker? Perhaps you like to paint or just admire those who do? AmaWaterways offers everything you could imagine, and always has just the right theme for you!


Travel Europe’s original highways to see cities built along the water’s edge. Gaze upon vineyards and castles set high up on the hillside, as well as dozens of time-honored cities. These sites can only be seen up-close by river cruise passengers, so jump aboard!

So what are you waitin' for? Come join us for a cruise down the river! For more information on this exciting vacation option, visit us at to connect with a travel specialist today.

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