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6 Things to Share with Your Travel Agent Before You Book the Trip

Planning a trip? Read this first.

6 Things to Share with Your Travel Agent Before You Book the Trip

Your Budget

Your budget is a crucial piece in your vacation planning, so do be sure you determine that before you book anything. Don’t forget to factor in things like flights, transportation, accommodations, food, tipping, spending money, travel documents, etc.

Who Will Be Involved?

Your travel agent will want to know who you’re planning the trip for –is it just for you and your husband or wife? Is it for the entire family? A destination wedding group or corporate event? This info will help the TA determine the appropriate course of action.

Intended Timeline

What are your ideal travel dates? Do you have an expected timeframe to get all your accommodations and flights booked? These dates are important to know ahead so your travel specialist can plan accordingly.

Occasion or Experience

This one is very important! Be sure to let your travel agent know the reason for travel. Are you planning a destination wedding? A honeymoon? A retirement bash or bachelorette party? We have access to some of the most incredible packages that tailor to your special occasions –so don’t leave this detail out!

Your Musts

Once some of the big stuff is covered, you’ll want to let your travel specialist know exactly what it is you want to get out of the experience –your musts. Always wanted to swim with dolphins? Then, let’s make it happen! Heard a lagoon in your destination of choice was worth checking out? Done. We have connections with countless resort staff and tour companies to hook you up!

Must Nots

Alternatively, you’ll want to provide your TA with anything that is definitely a deal breaker. For example, maybe you need direct flights, or your resort needs a water slide or it needs to be adult only –the experts can customize your trip entirely, so just be sure to let them know what you want and definitely don’t.

Now that you’ve determined the items above, it’s time to chat with a travel expert. Just click here to get started!

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