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5 Wedding Welcome Bag Essentials

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or a spectacular local affair –your wedding guests look forward to this extra special greeting from the bride and groom. Here’s 5 goodies you should include in your wedding welcome bags:

1. Bottled Water

After a long flight, your guests will thank you for the extra bottles of water you provide them while they’re settling in. It’ll also come in handy when they’re looking satisfy that nighttime thirst after a full day of wining and dining!

2. Sweet Treats

Ah, a sweet treat could be just what your guests crave during those in-between-times! Have some fun with it by personalizing the label with your wedding date and hashtag, or package up some candies in your wedding colors to carry out your theme!

3. Salty Snacks

If you’re packing up something sweet, you might as well throw in a salty snack too! Get a variety of fun-sized potato chips, popcorn, toasted almonds, crackers and more. It’s always a relief for your guests with kids when they can keep them entertained –even if it’s just for a quick snack break!

4. Medicine Kit

This is something that you hope you don’t have to use, but will likely need sometime during all the festivities. Be sure to include things like, Advil/Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Band-Aids and tissues for those unexpected moments.

5. Wedding Details

An itinerary with details of the events will be greatly appreciated. Be sure to include times, locations and shuttle information to help things run smoothly. For your guests that are unfamiliar with your location, give them a heads up with your favorite restaurants, bars, and favorite things to do on site. It’s always nice to have those recommendations, so your guests’ experience is a great one!

These items are just a start to creating ultimate wedding welcome bag. Be sure to add your own flair and creativity to it –and have fun! For more information on destination weddings and travel tips like these, contact us today at

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