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5 Ways to Save for Your Dream Vacation

We know how far-fetched that exotic trip to Tahiti can sound—but it really IS possible to make it happen when you consider these 5 money-saving tips...

1. Have a budget and stick to it

Be realistic with the time you have to save money and the amount you are able to set aside. Will you really miss that extra $50 per week to make your dream trip a reality?

2. Put money into a “Vacation Fund”

This is to be used only for your trip and should be put in an account that is difficult to withdraw from. Out of sight, out of mind... right? At least until you need it ;)

3. Payroll deduction

You won’t miss the money that you don’t see. You will adjust to the change in your paycheck and soon realize that it was easier than you thought it would be.

4. Cut Expenses

Keep track of the money you spend for a month to see where cuts can be made. Do you really need that $7 latte every day? Be mindful of where your money goes. Little purchases add up!

5. Bring in more income

Can you take on an odd job, or two? Maybe you're handy around the house, or could do some part-time nannying? Or, perhaps you could hold a yard sale for some extra cash. You'd be surprised how many ways there are to bring in the money. All is possible in the name of adding to your dream vacation fund, right?

So, what do we think? We told you it was possible!

For more information on booking your dream vacation, visit us at to consult with a travel professional today!

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