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5 Things We Love About Morocco!

We just got back from Morocco --and boy, was it an experience! Here's 5 things we loved while we were there:

1. Stay in a riad

A riad is a traditional Moroccan-style home converted into a bed and breakfast-style accommodation. The large rooms and terraces face the inner courtyard, which is decorated in traditional Moroccan flair. Beautifully colored pottery, rugs and decorations fill this spectacular architecture. A stay at a riad is a must on your list when you visit Morocco!

2. Eat tajine

Tajine is a Moroccan stew typically made with sliced meat poultry or fish slow-cooked with vegetables and fruits. Ginger, cumin, cinnamon and turmeric are commonly used, as well. This dish is named after the shallow-glazed clay dish with a removable cone- shaped lid, allowing the steam to escape. A true experience for the taste buds!

3. High Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas, North Africa’s greatest mountain range, contain some of the most beautiful regions of Morocco. The mountains are North Africa’s #1 hiking destination for both the casual and experience hiker alike. View the mud-thatched Berber villages and experience the landscape that varies from season to season.

4. Argan Oil

Argan oil comes from the nuts of the fruits of Argan Trees, which are native to the south-western region of Morocco. Argan oil has been used for cooking, medicinal purposes, and cosmetically by the locals for many, many years. It is a highly-coveted beauty product in the U.S., used as an anti-aging regiment, moisturizer –and has even proven to reduce the appearance of scars and burns.

5. Majorelle Garden

The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech is the most visited site in Morocco. It is a two-and-a-half acre botanical garden and artist’s landscape garden. Come delight in the most beautiful plants and vibrant colors that you have ever set your eyes on! From bamboo thickets and palms, to the largest cacti you have ever seen –experience a garden like no other here.

So who's ready to switch up their usual vacation spot and give Morocco a try? We'd love to help you plan this once in a lifetime opportunity! Contact us today at for more info.

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