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5 Reasons a Boutique Hotel is Your Next Place to Stay on Vacation

Did you know that a Boutique Hotel can bring your vacation experience to an entirely new level of relaxation? Here's how:

1. Privately Owned - Boutique hotels are cozy and smaller than the average hotel.

They are stylish, chic, and situated in the most gorgeous of settings. The Ti Kaye Resort & Spa in St. Lucia has quaint cottages with private paths and stairs that overlook its picturesque, blue waters.

2. Luxury! Luxury! Luxury! - Plush bedding, silky linens, and extra-fluffy pillows are just where it starts at Coco Bay Antigua (pictured above). For the most discerning guest, it’s not just sleeping, it’s an experience. This boutique hotel offers a variety of private Caribbean cottages and plantation houses with their own balconies, that situate on a hilltop overlooking the sea. As if that wasn't enough, you can enjoy your view on custom-made wooden furniture.

3. Unique Atmosphere - The Ladera Resort in St. Lucia is a “couples only” romantic paradise, set on a breathtaking volcanic ridgeline, 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea, and views of the Pitons. Take a dip or splash your toes into a private “plunge pool," while enjoying your very own swing or cascading waterfall. Each room is designed with the island's hardwoods, unique stones, and tiles—you'll have to see it to believe it.

4. Small Size, Big Personality - It's evident in the details at Jumby Bay that make each guest feel special and important. This 300-acre property is noted for its luxury and world-class service. Its incredible accommodations, 5-star restaurants, and world-renowned facilities, showcase its natural setting and elegance the minute you arrive.

5. Artistic & Chic - Jade Mountain Resort with its bold architectural design, and custom accents and art pieces, represent its philosophy of building a property in harmony within the Caribbean setting of St. Lucia. Details like rugged-stoned faced columns and grand entryways, make for one extraordinary resort experience. Definitely not your cookie-cutter hotel!

If you're ready to experience an entirely unique vacation experience, then a boutique hotel is just the place for you. For additional inquiries, please visit us at, or email us at

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