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3 St. Lucian Properties to Add to Your Bucket List

Known for its tapered mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and lush surroundings, St. Lucia is a sight to see for your next romantic getaway!

Merigot Bay St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain Resort’s bold architectural design, custom accents, and art pieces represent its philosophy of building a property in harmony within the Caribbean setting of St. Lucia. Details like rugged-stoned faced columns, grand entryways, and open 3-wall concept, make it a truly unique resort experience. Super romantic setting for honeymoons, anniversary trips, and intimate getaways!

Royalton St. Lucia

Situated on one of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean, Royalton Saint Lucia greets guests with upscale luxury and the utmost comfort. Its modern facilities, culture-rich details, and gourmet cuisine make for one unforgettable escape. Ideal for travelers of all ages, with designated sections for families and kids and a private section just for the adults. Sounds like a vacation anyone could get onboard with!

Marigot Bay

In the heart of Saint Lucia lies Marigot Bay, said to be one of the most beautiful sights in the Caribbean. Surrounded by exotic landscapes, the deep turquoise Caribbean Sea, and Saint Lucia's premier marina –this vacation spot is the very picture of paradise. This award-winning resort and marina offers guests an authentic Caribbean experience, from infinity pools, to wellness facilities and world-class dining options.

Well, it sounds like you’ve got some decisions to make! For more information on one of these gorgeous St. Lucian getaways, click here to request your free quote!

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