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3 Reasons Why Renaissance Island is #flamazing

Renaissance Island is home of the beautiful pink flamingo and Aruba’s most private beaches. A 40-acre tropical paradise, sure to delight even the most persnickety of travelers.

1. The Flamingos

This island is the home of Flamingo Beach, where you will find the most #FLAMAZING pink flamingos. These majestic birds will eat right out of your hand! Aside from watching the playful flamingos while enjoying a hammock over the ocean, you will also have access to private cabanas of your very own. Flamingo Beach is an Adult-Only paradise where you can also enjoy a private massage or a body treatment at Spa Cove.

2. Beach Tennis

Tennis anyone? Beach tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and Aruba was the first Caribbean Island to embrace it! It’s played like regular tennis, except it’s played on a regulation beach volleyball court. Beach tennis can be played both competitively and recreationally and because of this, it attracts athletes and non-athletes alike. Aruba’s International Beach Tennis Tournament is Sunday, November 11 through November 18, 2108. Come out and enjoy the show!

3. Privacy and Beauty

Thatched shelters are available to rent that are stocked with champagne. Sip to your heart’s desire, or lay back with leisure on a suspended lounger over the crystal-blue landscape. Snorkeling gear is yours to enjoy in the refreshing, cool waters. Staff members are available for taking food orders to enjoy a meal in your most-private paradise.

Whether you come for the sand and surf, or for the most-talked-about flamingos, you are sure to experience a trip of a lifetime in Renaissance Island, Aruba. Now isn’t that #FLAMAZING?

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