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3 Featured Cruises Everyone Will Love

Cruise lines are upping their "wow-factor" this year, that's for sure! Take a peek at the 3 features we love and ask us which one you'd like to set sail on today!

1. Symphony of the Seas

The world’s largest passenger ship is about to set sail in November of this year. Experience Intergalactic Laser Tag, a Playmakers Sports Bar-Arcade, and The Ultimate Abyss –the tallest slide at sea! Stay in a stateroom like no other in the Ultimate Family Suite and enjoy your very own two-story slide and a private 3D cinema with a wrap around balcony. Work up a sweat on the thrilling rock wall or zipline and then cool down on Flowrider or The Perfect Storm. Experience a cruise that's the first-of-its-kind on your next vacation at sea!

2. Aqua Duck

Soar 150-ft above the ocean on this ultimate water-coaster adventure! Available on only a few select cruise ships, this waterslide adventure takes you on an exhilarating 765-ft journey up and down the decks of the ship, offering you breathtaking views and a daring 4-deck drop. Can you guess which cruise line offers this exciting feature? HINT: quack!

3. River Cruise

Interested in broadening your horizons? Enjoy a voyage along the breathtaking inland waterways on this unique bucketlist vacation. Stop at ports along the way to your final destination –whether it be Europe, Asia, or North/South America. River cruises typically last a week or longer and travel via the major rivers of the world, unlike most cruises that sail through oceans or tropical seas. This type of cruise has become an increasingly popular form of travel in recent years, especially for those looking to celebrate anniversaries or live retirement to the fullest. Experience the difference today!

Anyone else have the urge to set sail on one of these epic cruises? Ask us today for more info to get started!

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