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3 Caribbean Islands That Are Likely to Miss Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is typically anywhere between June and November. While you'll most likely receive the lowest rates for flights and hotels during these times, you may wind up gambling with Mother Nature when it comes to the weather. And isn't fabulous weather the whole point of paradise? It's time to consider the alternatives, below!


The odds are with you, if you choose this island. Its record of only 11 hurricanes in the last 80 years, make it a great option for vacation. Cabrete Beach, known for its kiteboarding and windsurfing, along with the island’s affordability, make the Dominican Republic a spectacular vacation spot. Rum, chocolate, and coffee are purchases that can’t be passed up when visiting, as well!


Located on the Southeast end of the Caribbean, Barbados sits well outside the main hurricane belt. It's also protected by its rocky coasts and reefs, so even if it's touched by a little rough weather, it causes very little damage. Stunning beaches for the swimmers to swim with the Hansbill turtles, and rougher waters for all you surfers out there! In addition, Barbados is known famously for its rum; there are over 1,500 rum shops that spread across the entire island, which leaves plenty of places to find your favorite!


As another island located south of the hurricane belt, Aruba typically avoids direct hits by hurricanes. Weather in Aruba is very consistent with hot temperatures and cool refreshing breezes! There's also lots of activity in Aruba, including kitesurfing, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing.

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