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10 Reasons Why Hawaii Should be #1 on Your Bucket List

We all dream about Hawaii. Here's 10 reasons why we're convinced you should make it happen.

1. Waimea Canyon

Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific located on the western side of Kauai, “Waimea” is Hawaiian for reddish water that comes from the erosion from the red rocks. This is a “don’t miss” on your list of places to see in Kauai, with exquisite rainbows and breathtaking waterfalls on a lush backdrop of reds, browns, and greens.

2. Na Pali Coast

The most scenic coast found on the Kauai shoreline, this spectacular view can be seen via boat, or a rugged 11-mile hike –if you're up to the challenge! Na Pali’s hidden coastline features cliffs that drop straight down into the ocean. Due to its remote location, it's considered one of the most beautiful coastlines in the word.

3. Kaanapali Beach

This pristine, white sand beach on the west side of Maui is incredible. If your budget allows, we highly recommend staying at one of the luxury resorts lining the coast, with boasting views and easy-access to one of the most alluring beaches in the world.

4. Whale watching

The coast of Maui is known to be the best spot in the world for the viewing of the Humpback whale. With the calm, clear water, it is the most spectacular sight to see in the shallow waters of Maui.

5. Pearl Harbor

The USS Arizona is a powerful reminder of the final resting place of the crew that perished on 12/7/1941. This is a memorial to all armed forces who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack, so if you appreciate American history, we highly recommend checking it out.

6. Surf's Up!

Hawaii is known to be the birth place of surfing. All of the Hawaiian Islands are “surf ready,” but these are the beaches we recommend: Waikiki Beach, Lahaina-Kihei in Maui, Poipu-Hanalei in Kauai, and Kahaluu Beach Park- Hawaii Island.

7. The Road to Hana

Drive the Maui eastern coastline for 50 miles through the mountains and cliffs, with over 60 bridges where the road narrows and zigzags to the top. On your way up, you will find hiking trails, sparkling waterfalls, a red sand beach, and a spectacular bamboo forest! This road trip is not for the faint of heart, but is definitely worth the drive!

8. Waikiki Strip

You will find one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops, weekly activities, and live performances on this notable strip. Stop in for lunch at one of the many award-winning restaurants, or mingle with the locals who call this place home.

9. Punalu’u Beach

Known as the most famous black sand beach in Hawaii, Punalu'u Beach is the largest, and most-known for spotting the green turtle on this Big Island. The turtles are often seen sunbathing on the hot black sand—it's quite a sight to see, so bring your cameras!

10. Hawaiian Luau

You can’t visit Hawaii without experiencing a traditional luau and show! Excited to try some traditional Hawaiian fare? Poi, lomi lomi, island fish with macadamia nuts—and of course, the traditional kalua pig! This is sure to be a feast fit for a king!

Remember, don’t try to do it all. Visit 2-3 islands, as it is nearly impossible to see everything in one stay. Sound exciting? Then contact to speak with our Hawaiian travel experts now!

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