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When your client is ready to reserve their vacation, follow the steps below to make the booking with one of our preferred tour operators.

Step 1

Send client reservation form. They will submit their information through this channel and it will be received in your VacationCRM dashboard.  Don’t take any names over the phone. Reservation Form:


Step 2

Place the reservation on hold by entering the required information into the tour operator booking system and keep note of the booking # so you can access the booking going forward.  ALWAYS COPY/PASTE NAMES AND BIRTHDAYS. 


Step 3

Send travel documents either to yourself or directly to the client.  If the client has a suffix after their name (ex. Jr or Sr), it is imperative that you key that in with the last name.  Also when trying to access reservations with a suffix, it can be quirky to access them with the name.

Step 4

Send the client a copy of the invoice from VacationCRM.  Double-check all info including the deposit amount, balance due and due dates prior to sending.  The email should say “Please double check your names, dates, location, etc. and email me back a confirmation email indicating that it is okay to charge the $X deposit with card you provided.”  These should be set up automatically in VCRM.


Step 5

Pay for the reservation with the payment information supplied by client to VCRM after written confirmation has been received that the reservation is correct.  When processing payments for TI, these should be done right through VCRM by using the “Submit Payment to Supplier” button on the payment page.

Step 6

Invoice the client through VCRM after the payment is processed, again double-checking all info on the invoice compared to the supplier website/ invoice.  Always double check this and make sure you’re reflecting the GROSS rate or else you won’t be paid commission on the booking.

Step 7

Confirm that the clients’ special requests and airplane seats are recorded in the booking.  Email the customer a copy of the airline itinerary directly from the airline website.  It’s a good idea to provide the airline with the client’s email and cell number on the airline website in case of an emergency.


Step 8

Ensure the insurance is processed and the policy is sent directly to the client through the mail, if using an Allianz policy.  If you’re using the CFAR offered through TI, email to have the insurance rate adjusted to the $99 reduced CX rate.  When a client purchases CFAR, they will received a reduced deposit (just the cost of the insurance) as a special promo offered to Journeys Inc.

Step 9

Log bookings in appropriate portal, if applicable.  This includes Sandals, Beaches, All Inclusive Collection, Palace, Karisma, AM Resorts, Blue Diamond, etc.


Step 10

Note any important reminders on the booking such as a reminder to add air, insurance, transfer info, and any other important notes that you may need throughout the entire process.


Step 11

Call the client within a week prior to their departure. Remind them to bring their travel documents and passports (if applicable).  Use the dashboard in VCRM daily to keep on top of who is getting ready to travel.


Step 12

Email/call resort a week prior to departure to announce the arrival of your guests and provide them with any special requests.


Step 13

Follow up with your client within three days of returning find out how everything went.  Again, you will see these when you check the dashboard on VCRM daily.


Group Reminders set up on Vacation.CRM:

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